5 Easy Love Spells With Just Words To Make Him Stay Forever
5 Easy Love spells with just word to make him stay Forever. Do you miss all the moments and passion in your relationship with the ex-lover? Well, easy love spells with just words can help you revive it!.

Aside from helping you attract your love interest; love spells can also keep your partner and let them stay loyal to you forever. Powerful and effective, the following spells use no ingredient but are capable of resolving your problems quickly.

Two persons separated away because of many different reasons.

Spiritually, maybe the connection of the two of you has faded – a real spell for love will again bind you and your partner for a strong and incredible bond as well as a long-lasting relationship.

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Genuine Easy Love Spells to Keep a Man

For centuries, people have practiced witchcraft as a way to achieve what they desire from the deepest of their hearts. It doesn’t mean everything will come true once a spell is cast – your intention and energy are very important.

Not that all love spells are cast for you!

Wonder how some individuals can win back their lost love?

It’s not difficult to find powerful love spells helping you return to the person you love after a breakup; however, most sites usually inform too complicated spells or spells containing lots of materials.

Lucky you! I’m going to discuss some love spells with simple chants that you can easily perform on your own.

Love spell chant #1|How can I revive my love interest with just words?|

Before starting the session, you just need a photo of yourself smiling and a photo of the person you want to cast the spell on.

This is an effective spell to bring back your ex-lover or ease the heated argument between you and your friends. You’re advised to perform the spell exactly at eight o’clock in the evening.

  1. Sit calmly in a quiet room and keep your mind relaxed
  2. Take a few deep breaths and think of a peaceful scenery
  3. Hold the picture of your lost partner in your right hand and say the following chant clearly:

“With the light of the flame I’ll light your desire,
When I speak your name,
You’ll feel the glow from my fire.
The spell has been cast – so be it!”

  1. Repeat their name 3 times
  2. Place your picture face down on top of your ex’s so that two images can be together
  3. Wrap the pictures in a clean cloth and put them in a safe corner
  4. 5 Easy Love Spells With Just Words To Make Him Stay Forever

For this spell to work efficiently, sit straight on your bed and murmur his name 3 times every evening at 8 o’clock.

Love spell chant #2|How to cast a love spell on your ex husband?

Next is another chanting spell without ingredients also known as the famous Aradia love spell. Its power with your pure intention will make your beloved run back to you effortlessly, no forcing or manipulating at all.

Believe it or not, this spell will help you connect spiritually to Aradia – Diana’s daughter – who will come with aid once hearing your sincere prayer. Note that you don’t have to prepare much as the ritual with the Aradia love spell requires just chants.

As the spell should be performed on Friday, you need to stay up all night and fill your mind with desire for the ex-lover on Thursday. The timing is very important when casting this spell – the most ideal time is at dawn, exactly when the sun is just rising and you still can see the moon of the previous night.

Repeat the prayer to Diana and Aradia as below:

“Good and beautiful Diana, I have faithfully worshiped you;
Now help me with my love!
Call your daughter Aradia and send her to fetch my love to me.
Fill our souls with the joy of lovemaking.
Thank you, Great Fairy Queen and Fair Aradia.”

Keep doing this spell on every Friday and only stop until you sense some positive signs from the ex-partner.

Love spell chant #3|Can love spells help you attract your love interests?|

It seems like your lover is losing his interest for you.

Don’t be afraid! Our easy love spells that work within minutes always get your back. In this case, you should take advantage of this love spell chant to add more passion and affection to your relationship.

  1. Find yourself a private space
  2. Find a direction allowing you to sit facing the moon
  3. Stay peaceful and visualize old moments shared between you and your lover (or husband)
  4. Say clearly while looking at the moon:

“Flowers red I see you
Touch you and smell you
Bring back my love (whisper his name here) as tangible as you.”

Stay still and meditate for a couple of minutes after the prayer. Most importantly, you need to do this spell on New Moon for good results!

Love spell chant #4|Are there any easy love spells with just words?|

By casting this ancient spell, you can increase his desire of wanting you and keeping you in his life forever. It will help to send your message to the man’s conscious mind through the universe’s energy.

Like other spells in the list, you don’t need to come with any ingredient. Since the spell uses only words, you need at least 3-5 days to rest and prepare your will. Whenever you feel ready to do the ritual, make sure to keep your partner next to you.

  1. Sit down straight, close your eyes, and relax
  2. Concentrate on your love for your man and your desire to feel loved as well
  3. Chant these lines:

“Say the name of your lover 3 times,
Ask him to listen to you and to love you more,
Repeat the name 3 times,
Pour everything from the deepest of your heart,
State your beloved should obey to what you suggest.”

Bear in mind that sealing is a very important step during a spell-casting session, especially if you use love spell chants. In case this spell shows no result, you’re recommended to do it again after a month.

Love spell chant #5

In order to keep him forever, you should consider casting the think of me spell which will make your partner can’t help thinking about you most of the time. With the power of love magic, his mind will be filled with the image of you, your smile, and your voice.

  1. Enter a quiet room with dim light and sit in a comfortable position
  2. Have a clear mind and keep your body relaxed – it’s a must to stay away from distractions
  3. Light and place an optional incense in front of you
  4. Focus your mind on your boyfriend and visualize he is present around you
  5. Put both of your hands on your heart and repeat the chant below:

“Always I think of you, may your feelings of me a-new.
I have lost many nights sleep, thoughts of you made my heart weep.
Now, I ask the Goddess of Love to send you some insight from above/
Though ye shall lose many nights sleep, you’ll understand that I’m yours to keep.
I thank the Goddess of Love, as I announce my spell done.
So mote it be!”

Keep doing this spell every night until you feel changes in your lover’s behavior.

In Conclusion

Easy love spells with just words work fast and effectively to make sure bringing only happiness to your relationship.

The list here contains several spells with different purposes simple to cast – whether reuniting lovers or getting the man to love you more, practicing witchcraft will fulfill your wish perfectly.

If you don’t want to cast on your own, then it’s okay to ask for the help from a powerful lost love spell caster online. Under their direction, you will surely find a passionate, deep, and lasting love.

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