Breath Holding Spells

Breath Holding Spells.What causes breath holding? The cause of breath holding is not known. Breath holding is

usually involuntary, and is caused by a slowing of the heart rate or changes in your child’s usual breathing patterns.

Sometimes are brought on by strong emotions such as anger, fear, pain or frustration

What causes breath-holding spells?.

Also called breath-holding attacks, these are somewhat common and can happen in healthy children. They

can look like seizures, but they’re not. The spells don’t hurt the children, and many outgrow them by age 6 or 7.

They are most common in 2-year-olds

Pallid breath-holding spells: In this type of breath-holding spell, often triggered by a sudden pain or fright, the child

turns a pale, grayish color, becomes sweaty or clammy, and loses consciousness. The heart rate slows, and the

child’s limbs sometimes twitch and the child may urinate on themselves.

Almost 5% of the pediatric population might demonstrate such episodes. are extremely

frightening to parents. Episodes are described as infants crying, for up to a minute, and while crying excessively

they will hold their breath to a point at which they might lose consciousness.


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