Category: 6 Red Candle Love Spells to Bring Back A Lover

6 Red candle love spells to Bring Back A lover. Love is one of the most powerful connections between people, but it isn’t perfect. It can be messy and hard work, especially when it pertains to a lover. Sometimes, circumstances cause you and your lover to separate, but that doesn’t mean they have to remain your ex forever. With the help of a littlered candle, you and your lover can be together again.

Read on for the top six red candle love spells to bring back a lover. Some of these spells are beginner-friendly and

only require the candle and perhaps a few supporting materials.

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Magic Candle of Love Spell 

This is a fantastic gender-neutral spell for beginners who want to get their lover back but want a little more kick to

the spell than just using a red candle. Candle magic might be simple, but it is extremely powerful and can have

astonishing results when paired with positive emotions and true intentions.

To perform this spell properly, you’ll need to have some basic astrological knowledge regarding you and your lover’s

signs. Once you know this information and acquire the basic materials listed below, you’re all set to go.

This spell is beseeching the deity Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, but if you have an altar dedicated to

your own deity, you can certainly communicate with your patron deity instead.

If you don’t have an altar or deity, try to find a highly personal space where you can perform the spell comfortably.

Here’s what you’ll need to perform this spell,6 Red Candle Love Spells to Bring Back A Lover.

Follow these steps:

  1. Carve your name and astrological sign on one side of your red candle using a knife.
  2. Carve your name and the astrological sign of your lover on the other side of the red candle using a knife.
  3. Drop a few droplets of rose oil into your hand and massage the oil into the wax of the red candle. Keep your mind focused on your intentions in a loving and positive manner as you do this.
  4. Rub any supporting oils of your choice into the candle to help enhance the spell. Here are some brief descriptors of the supporting oils listed above:
  • Jasmine: Feminine oil used by women to attract love
  • Honeysuckle: Masculine oil used by men to induce love and erotic dreams
  • Gardenia: Feminine oil used to induce peaceful vibrations during spell casting and bring pleasure and romance
  • Ginger: Masculine oil used to inspire passion into a relationship and helps in accelerate spell craft
  • Ortis-root: Female oil used to find and hold love

Candle Spell to Bring Back Lost Love

This is another simpler spell that is great for beginners and requires even fewer materials than the one previously mentioned.

If you’re a more advanced witch, you can add your own elements to strengthen the spell, such as oils or preparing a ritual bath. Even placing it on a deeply personal and well-established altar will help this spell significantly.

For those of you that don’t have this knowledge, don’t worry; with clear intentions and positive energy, you can perform this spell successfully, and your lover will return in no time. Make sure that you keep your mind focused and free of doubt as you perform the spell. You want to radiate confidence in its success before you even cast it.

Here’s what you’ll need to perform this spell:

  • A red candle
  • A sharp knife
  • Virgin olive oil
  • 7 red rose thorns or straight pins
  • A lighter

Follow these steps:

  1. Carve your lost love’s name carefully into the candle using a knife. You should carve the name lengthwise with an inch of space at the bottom.
  2. Rub virgin olive oil into the candle’s wax. This is a masculine oil often used because it is the most natural, but you can substitute it with rose oil if you have that handy.
  3. Place the seven red rose thorns or straight pins into the letters of the name you carved into the candle.
  4. Clear your mind before you progress to the next step, so your intentions are clear and focused.
  5. Light the candle and focus solely on visualizing the return of your lost love.
  6. Speak these words as the candle burns and the wax melts,6 Red Candle Love Spells to Bring Back A Lover.

“Powers of the universe. Bring (the name of your lost love) back to me. This is my will. So mote it be.”

  1. Leave the candle to burn until the flame is extinguished.
  2. Repeat this spell three times. As the candle burns, your lost lover will think of you every time a thorn or pin melts or falls away from the candle and will be provoked to return.

Spell to Bring Back Lost Love with Multiple Candles

Candle magic is considered one of the most basic and user-friendly forms of spellcasting. If you’re unsure, just ask me. She can detail the vast possibilities and success of candle magic as well as how certain factors, such as color, can affect your spellcasting.

This spell to bring back a lost love doesn’t just have red candles, but many other colors as well. Color is one of the key components of candle magic, as each color has its own associations that are tailored towards different results. This is referred to as color magic, which is another essential element of spellcasting.

Luckily, you don’t need a vast knowledge of color and candle magic to perform this spell as it is extremely beginner-friendly and only requires multiple candles and a lighter,6 Red Candle Love Spells to Bring Back A Lover.

Here’s what you’ll need to perform this spell:

  • Two red candles
  • One pink candle
  • One green candle
  • One yellow candle
  • One light-blue candle

Follow these steps:

  1. Find a large enough space to place all of these candles around you.
  2. Locate South of where you are standing and place the pink candle here. Pink candles are used to promote sweet love in spells.
  3. Locate North of where you are standing and place the green candle here. Green candles are used for luck and to promote success for the spell.
  4. Locate East of where you are standing and place a yellow candle here. Yellow candles are used for realizing and manifesting thoughts, promoting confidence and persuasion.
  5. Locate West of where you are standing and place the light-blue candle here. Light-blue candles are used for inner peace and tranquility for the spell as well as promoting happiness.
  6. Light all of the candles.
  7. Hold the two red candles in your hands and face the pink candle. Not only do the red candles represent you and your lover, but red candles are also used to promote courage, sexual love/lust, and passion.
  8. Chant the following words as you hold the red candles:

“‘Almighty Goddess, powerful God, Listen to my prayer! Lords of fire, burn my yearning, times three if it is meant to be, bring my beloved (name of lost love) back to me.”

Picture and Candle Love Spell for Lover’s Return

This spell only requires three items and a lighter and is typically cast by a woman. However, if you are a man, you can modify the spell using masculine herbs and oils.

As is the case with all spells, this one is highly driven by your energy and mental state. In order to have the desired result of your lover’s return, you will want to generate as much positive energy and mental clarity as possible. The more muddled or unfocused your request, the less likely the spell will succeed.

Therefore, to ensure success, we are going to introduce the use of a protected circle in this spell. Protected circles are vital to spellcasting because they provide a safe space where you are protected from any negative outside forces, and you can safely generate positive energy to cast the spell.

This is a step you can incorporate into any of the spells on this list, as it is a common practice of spell casting. However, if you don’t want to generate a protective circle for the other spells, at least ensure you are completely focused on your lover and the goal for maximum results.

Here’s what you’ll need to perform this spell:

  • A picture of your lost lover
  • A red candle
  • A lighter
  • Incense of your choosing. Some suggestions include:
  • Cherry: attracts or stimulates love
  • Frankincense: generates positive energy
  • Jasmine: generates luck, particularly for love spells
  • Musk: heightens sensual passion
  • Rose: commonly used for love spells
  • Strawberry: stimulates love
  • Carnation: stimulates lust

Follow these steps:

  1. Protect yourself by generating a protective circle. First, sit cross-legged in the desired spellcasting location.
  2. Visualize the center of your head, absorbing the light of your deity of choice. Then allow light to travel throughout your body and out your feet.
  3. Visualize the light creating a protective circle around you and fill it with your positive energy.
  4. Speak these words once you are sure your circle has manifested and filled with positivity:

“I bless this circle so that I can be free and guarded within this space

  1. Hold the picture of your lost lover in your hand as you sit in your protected circle.
  2. Light the incense of your choice as you continue to generate positive energy and focus your thoughts on your love.
  3. Light the red candle.
  4. Relax and allow your mind to be filled with your heart’s desire for your lover’s return. Make sure you remain positive and confident as you speak the following words (alter the pronouns as necessary):

“Goddess of love grant my request. Listen to my plea, oh Goddess, and open the doors of desire. Let me feel the heat when we are together, me and him. Bring him to me.”

  1. Let the candle burn for one minute, then blow it out.
  2. Repeat steps 1-9 for nine consecutive days and always leave the picture next to the red candle.
  3. Trust that the spell is in motion throughout the entirety of the spell, meaning all ten days. You want to be as clear, positive, and confident as possible for success.
  4. On the final day, burn the picture using the flame of the red candle.

Figurine Candle for “Return to Me” Spell

We’ve already discussed how candle magic is relatively simple and can be sharpened when combined with color

magic. However, this is not the extent to how you can strengthen spells cast with candles.

In addition to color, you can also increase your spell’s power by altering its shape to reflect a more

specific intention. For instance, if you want your spell to alter how someone thinks, you can get a head-shaped

candle to focus the spell further. Many spells focused on healing someone can also utilize candles that correspond to

For this spell, you’ll need a figural candle that matches the gender of your lost lover. This will help you further

visualize and focus on him/her, which can greatly increase the spell’s likelihood of success. Support this candle with

Here’s what you’ll need to perform this spell

Follow these steps:

  1. Place a few drops of the “Return to Me” oil onto the figural candle and rub it upwards into the wax. Center your
  2. thoughts on your lover and your desire for their return as you do this.
  3. Repeat the previous step on the red and pink candle. These colors are associated with love, and so you want to
  4. strengthen them with the oil for a powerful spell and speedy return. In this spell, the red and pink candles are
  5. also meant to represent the promise of the future and reigniting passion and rediscovering true love.
  6. Place a few drops of the “Healing Energy” oil on the blue candle and rub it upwards into the wax. Blue is often
  7. the past between you and your lover. This might help them move past an issue or wrong-doing that caused you
  8. two to separate.
  9. Roll the figural candle in the lavender buds. Lavender is used to promoting love, healing, tranquility, and happiness. All beneficial emotions for this spell.
  10. Pray over the figural candle for your lover’s return or write a petition. Focus on your intentions to heal your relationship’s past wounds and induce a loving future with their return.
  11. Place the figural candle in the center of your dish and place the three supporting candles in a triangular shape around them. The closer the supporting candles are to the figure, the faster the spell will affect your lover.

Candle and Tree Magic Spell for Lover’s Return

There is profound power in the natural world, as many spellcasters know, particularly Green Witches, who use this

as the foundation for their journey.

It is always beneficial to combine similar powers to support and enhance one another when casting spells. We’ve

briefly discussed how colors, oils, scents, and candle shapes can all help guarantee success for your lover’s return.

This spell will go one step further and include the natural world by incorporating a tree.

This spell originally uses a Banyan Tree, which is highly influential in Indian cultures as it is mentioned in many

ancient texts and scriptures. For them, this tree represents the divine creator and symbolizes longevity, which will

help ensure your relationship is long-lasting after your lover’s return.