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Find a Spell to Make Someone Come See You.Do you have someone special in your mind?Or do you miss your ex lover?Whether that special person is your love interest or your ex, using the spell or love potion to make someone come see you can help you get the feelings of being loved again. The power of magic will influence them to think about you and come to you or

In case you cast this kind of spell on your ex, all the old, happy memories will run through their mind making them regret leaving you. If you want to attract the person of your desire, the spell then will make them notice you, think of you, approach you and ask for date.

In general, our suggested spell here can affect anyone to come to you.

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Top 5 Spell to Make Someone Come to You

1. Spell to have someone think of you & contact you

With this spell, you can get your love interest or your ex to come to see you simply and effortlessly. Once the magic works, that person can’t help but thinking about you all the time. Though the practice is effortless, you still have to focus your full attention on your intention for a success.

During the witchcraft session, you must feel your deepest desire with your whole heart and mind.

The core of spell casting is your intention, especially if you work with love spells. In case you get distracted while performing the ritual, the spell may backfire or even deliver unwanted effects.


  • A string represents you
  • A string represents your target

How to cast:

  • Sit calmly and run your fingers through both strings
  • Find a Spell to Make Someone Come See You
  • Think of a perfect scenario for the person coming to you
  • Wait for a week and then start knotting the string of the person every time you see or hear from them in person, over the phone, or even online
  • Stop tying knots when the number of knots on the string is the same as the number of times you wish the person to contact you in a week
  • Know the string representing you every time you think of them during that week
  • Tie two strings together in the weekend
  • Wear or carry it with you all the time until your desire is fulfilled

If you wish the person to come to see you every day, then just tie 7 knots and no more. In case the cord wears out, you should burn it with red candle and repeat the spell above again. Bury the cord with the soil in your garden once the spell fulfills your desires.

For a simple way, love spells with words only are another option.

2. Spell to make someone contact you instantly

How to make someone think of you and contact you all the time?

Let’s take a look at this white magic love spell using paper – make use of it and cast on the special person you want to draw into your life to get them to come see you as frequent as possible.

I’ve tried this spell before and it worked really well for me; that’s why I am sharing it here to help people suffering from the same situation. You should perform this type of spell during the waxing moon or full moon. The extreme power of the moon will enhance and make your spell more effective.


  • A box of matches or a lighter
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen

How to cast:

  • Write the name of your desired person on the paper
  • Fold it three times and hold it in your right hand
  • Focus on your intention and say the following chants:

“Please listen to my voice,
The target of my choice dear
I can’t help but missing you all the time.
Can you hear my prayer?
Wish you contact me soon.”

  • Burn the paper with matches or lighter
  • Bury the ashes in your garden

The person will dream about you constantly and that urges them to contact and come to see you immediately.

3. Spell to make someone see you only

As the name tells everything, this kind of love spell with a picture will make your crush or ex lover think about you only and you are the only image in his sight.

You’re advised to practice the ritual with this spell at night, about 11PM.


  • A photo of the person
  • Red candle (use the white one as substitute)
  • Cherry incense

In case you don’t have the picture of your target and cannot get one, then write their name on a piece of paper. Focus on the name and imagine that person with your intense concentration, intuition, and clarity.

How to cast:

  • Hold the candle and fill your head with your deepest intentions
  • Think of the person until their image displays in front of you
  • Light the red candle and cherry incense
  • Lie down on the floor and visualize on how you enter your target’s brain
  • Put all your thoughts about them in their head
  • Chanting the following words:

“Dear the Goddess of love,
Make the person I love hear my thought
Come to me as I command you.
Everything you feel, do and see
I can always sense it in my head.”

  • Place their photo under the lighted candle
  • Focus on the though you want and hold the image of that person until the candle burns completely

If you don’t want to wait, then leave the candle next to your bed and do a meditation before going to bed. Follow the instructions correctly and you will soon get a tingling feeling deep inside your head.

4. Spell to make someone think about you

This is the spell to make someone think about you that works absolutely effective for many people and even myself.

You want your love interest to come see you; firstly you need to fill their head with all of your images. When they can’t stop thinking about you, they will take the courage to meet you in person.


  • A photo of your target
  • A photo of you
  • One small mirror

Also, before carrying out a magic ritual, you must prepare your belief. Having a strong faith in your spell and witchcraft will boost the power and energy within yourself.

How to cast:

  • Put the picture of that person facing the mirror
  • Place your photo on the other side
  • Stick them with the adhesive tape securely
  • Hold the mirror close to your heart
  • Chant the following words 3 times:

“Listen to these words as they are my order,
You will think about me only
My image displays in your reflection.
It’s my deepest desire, so mote it be.”

  • Keep the mirror in your pocket and take it with you anywhere within 30 days

If your intention is pure and positive and the way you cast this ritual is correct, then the results will be likely to manifest before that period. Most importantly, you must believe in the spell and have no negative thoughts during the casting session.

5. Spell to make someone call you

Also known as the call me spell, this kind of love spell will get a specific person to contact you over the phone. This opportunity can help you arrange as well as set up a date with them.


  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A cell phone

How to cast:

  • Write the person’s name on your paper
  • Lay it under your phone or place it in between the back of your phone and the phone case
  • Say their name 3 times and then whisper the following words:

“The element of air listens to me good
In your mind I’ll be present all the time
You will come to see me,
You will think to call me,
You are my only love, so mote it be!”

  • Put your intention and concentration on the person of your desire
  • Visualize the scenario of them calling you

This spell does work, not always but enough to assist you in resolving different heart matters.

I do hope it works for you guys!

In Conclusion

That’s all for the spell to make someone come see you.

So if you want to attract a new lover or reunite with your ex lover, all the love spells above are the best thing for you.

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