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Hoodoo spells and Rituals. In a quiet place you will sit at your table upon which you have now placed four candles

at the corners and a black candle in the center. You will place a yellow candle in the north, a blue candle in the west

(same as before), a green candle in the south, and a red candle in the east. Place your black candle from the

previous ritual in the center and between the black candle and the blue candle you will place a glass of water. You

will write out on a small piece of paper or index card what you wish to gain and place this request between the red

candle and the black candle. Now, your altar is set up for your work, and it should look just like this:

Part 2. Now, you will say the following prayer to the Hoodoo Spirits in order to make known to them by ritual your

request for their help and presence. You will begin the prayer to the Hoodoo Spirits by lighting the candles in the

following order:

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It has been proven many times before and will be proven for centuries to come that if you serve the Hoodoo Spirits

faithfully, they will develop your mind. Now please understand it is the spirits who do this work for you, for if you did

not need them or could do this development of mind -power on your own, or if the secrets and methods of this

development were known to mankind already they would be taught in the schools, or your power would be there

already or else you would have no need of Lucky Hoodoo. But because this is not so and because only the spirits

can give what is spiritual — and mind-power development is spiritual ~ then we must come to terms with the

wonderful spirits of Hoodoo in order to build ourselves up as mental magicians.

There are a number of methods for mind-power development which are favored by the Spirits of Lucky Hoodoo.

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This mind- power or mental energy or substance comes from the world of the spirits where everything is mind. The

whole world there is one of mind. This is a powerful world and this is where our minds and souls and spirits go to

after death. Nothing in that, world is physical because everything is completely mind and mind-energy. That is where

the mind-power comes from that helps our minds to become more developed and more powerful. Mind is to that

world what sunlight and fresh air and water are to our world. Here we have many things to help the physical body

develop and be strong, but in that world of mind all that is needed is mind-energy because mind is the only being in

that world. So the spirits bring to us this power or mind-energy and this helps us to develop and become more able

to work with them, communicate with them and to understand them. This is what mind-power development is actually.

Now there are four methods which we accept here in Lucky Hoodoo for the development of mind-power|

These are all successful methods and can be used by each student of Lucky Hoodoo. The methods are very simple

and have been made very clear for your use. The methods are called:

For effectiveness it is important to combine methods and to use all four of these wonderful methods on a regular

basis. For example, in Voudoo and Hoodoo temple-schools, such as my own, we Leach the young; students to

make use of all four methods of development each day. There are certain times for doing each method, we say, and

they should take advantage of these times. The dream-power method is used at night while the student is sleeping,

but before he goes to bed, he will make use of the shadow-stuff method, in a dark room, with only a black or blue

light bulb giving some kind of shadow and dark mixture. This is when he will use deep meditation, which is really the

type of meditation which leads to sleep and which is done when the body is freed of all care and ready for spiritual


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They are so simple and so clear that anyone can make use of them to the fullest sense of results. In Lucky Hoodoo

it is important for us to understand that the spirits have made it as easy as possible for you to develop your mind-

power. They have gone out of their way in order to make mind-power development as wonderful and as convenient

as possible. Because in Lucky Hoodoo the emphasis is upon results and upon success. That is why we try to do

everything as completely and as simply as we can, so that the spirits can come to you and help you and you can benefit quickly and easily.

We will now discuss the ways in which to make use of these four methods which are designed by the spirits to help

you develop mind-power so that you can know more and do more with the spirits. First I will want to say something

about the method of prayer and the method of the Holy House.


Up to now we have been going over what I will call a form of ritual prayer in the exercises at the end of Lessons One

and Two. Now I want to say that the Prayer Method of Mind-Power Development is very simple and it is just this: You

will take time off from what you are doing or you will do something that is automatic and does not require mental

attention. Then you will focus your mind through attention upon the spirits and you will talk to them in silent thought

and attune your mind to how they will respond. To attune your mind means simply to listen to what comes from them

after you have made contact through silent thought. This is the basis of all prayers in every one of the world

religions. However, because it is so simple, many persons do not want to do it. On the other hand, many persons are

always making contact with the spirits through silent thought and live in a positive state of attunement all of the time

or at least most of the time. This is so simple, for it only means that you keep your attention mostly directed towards

the spirits and the gods, which are the major spirits, of Lucky Hoodoo. In this sense, then, the student is always able

This wonderful method is really.