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simple fertility spells

Simple Fertility Spells for Twins

Traditional simple fertility spells are to heal infertility and to make a healthy baby.

Simple fertility spells are made to have a healthy pregnancy and banish miscarriages. These are for both men and women.

With simple fertility spells you can protect your unborn child during pregnancy. You can actually remove all the surrounding negative forces or spirits that may cause hindrances in you conceiving. These are also known as sperm booster spells for men and ovary healing spells for women.

Problems in conceiving and pregnancy problems have occurred to many couples. This fact should make you realize you are not alone in this concern. Even if you have not had problems before with conception, these simple fertility spells can help you get on the right track to having twins.

You may not be sure about the spell’s support, focus your energy on your ultimate goal and it will help you increase the chances of having twins and bring two new members of your family to the world.

Ingredients You Need For These Simple Fertility Spells

  • An egg shell which is pink or brown color
  • A pen or pencil which has green ink
  • A pot
  • Some earth
  • Grass or some grass seeds
  • Some water

The Simple Fertility Spells

The egg you acquired represent and has always been the symbol of fertility. These simple fertility spells will work if you use an egg which has a brown or pink shell. These are the colors that indicate human reproduction to the various powers and vital energies of the universe.

You also have to use a green pencil or green pen in order to represent fertility because this is the symbol of nature as well as denotes new life. This simple fertility spell to become pregnant with twins  works through an effective and associative white magic in which you have to grow grass in the pot you acquired to symbolize the growth of fertility and twins in your life.

Instructions to Go Forward with the Simple Fertility Spells for Twins:

Firstly take the egg and your green pen to decorate it with a Sun, moon, cross, female sign (the symbol of Venus) and the five-pointed star. Next bury the egg into a pot full of the earth you collected.  Once this is done, plant the seeds of grass onto the surface.

Water well into this pot for a total of nine weeks and when you see the grass has grown, cut out a little and then bind them with a handful of yarn, carefully giving it nine laps in total. Hang this contraption of grass and yarn on your bed until you are successfully able to conceive and get the glad tidings of twins. Congratulations in advance!

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