Woman Luck SpellWoman Luck Spell

Lady Luck Spell. Lady luck shine your light upon me So shall it be. This good luck spell is believed to be very effective

in attracting good fortune no matter where you go. For best results, cast this spell under a full moon and light three

green candles placed as a triangle in front of you before casting this spell.

Are you going through a rough patch in life? Does it feel like a ‘me-against-the rest-of-the-world’ situation? Well,

here are some good luck spells that may help sweep away those negative vibrations to make way for good luck to

shine upon you!

Lady Luck Spell

How true! When you’re fully aware of and prepared for what life brings for you, that’s when you get lucky! Most of

the unfortunate events of our lives take place when either the opportunity doesn’t come or when the opportunity

comes right to our front door but we’re not prepared for it! Good luck spells, symbols and charms have been used

since ages to ward off evil (negative energy vibrations) and attract good fortune (positive energy vibrations), be it in

the form of money, success, health, beauty, love, or fame.

Most of the time, for casting these good luck spells that work, you need to create an atmosphere that is conducive of

positive energies. This is done by burning incense, lighting perfumed candles, placing aromatic flowers around

oneself, and decluttering the venue. However, there are a lot of simple, well-wishing spells that can be chanted

without making any of the above-mentioned or other preparations – the only things needed are pure intention,

personal hygiene, clarity of thoughts, and stable emotions. So, how to be lucky by casting spells? Let’s find out!

Some Simple Spells for Good Luck

Before you proceed upon reading the following good luck chants, you must understand that there is no magic or

superstition behind these spells. It is true that like attracts like and repetitive chanting of these good luck spells

creates a positive charge around the chanter which, in turn, attracts positive energies. It is the influence of these

positive energies that we identify as good luck or good fortune. Lady Luck Spell

1. On this sheet my wish be told
No aspect of my heart withhold
For this, I need quick fruition
So that my life may match my vision.

Lady Luck Spell

Casting this spell requires some preparation. You need to write your wish on a small piece of paper, hold it folded in your hand, and then visualize your wish coming true. Thereafter, you should chant the above spell and burn the paper.

2. Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire
Come to me and give me what I desire
Waves of luck fall on me and complete my wishes effortlessly
May this spell take a toll for one whole day and after midnight strikes, may it go away
As I will, so mote it be.

This spell is believed to make a 24-hour period lucky and obstacle-free for you. Before casting this spell, go into a

meditative state and empty your mind of all thoughts.

3. I summon earth, fire, water, and air
To protect me with the strength of a bear
Let me be healthy
Let me be wealthy
Lady luck shine your light upon me
So shall it be.

This good luck spell is believed to be very effective in attracting good fortune no matter where you go. For best

results cast this spell under a full moon and light three green candles placed as a triangle in front of you before

casting this spell.

4. Happiness and glee,
Make their anger flee.
Long-lasting and forever,
Make their happiness ever so clever.
Everlasting and joyful,
This spell will last.
Make their happiness come up fast.

This is one of the best and most beneficent spells for good luck for others. This spell wishes for the beneficiary to be freed of anger and to be endowed with good luck, happiness, and long-lasting joy. For best results, get a picture of the person for whom you are making this wish and set it down in front of you. Light a blue candle in front of it. Close your eyes and visualize that person in a happy state (for instance, imagine that person is laughing or enjoying a moment of contentment). Cast the spell once you’ve visualized the picture.

5. Bad luck turns and bad luck flees.
Good luck and fortune come to me.

While casting this spell, throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder three times every time you chant these lines.

6. Money Money comes to me,
As I will so mote it be.

What is a good luck spell?

7. Money Money
Shower over me
Without bad luck
Without flat broke
Money Money
All over me with
Money luck empowers me.

This is supposed to be a very powerful money spell and you need no preparation, other than a clear mind, good intentions, and an unfaltering voice, to cast it!

8. Aphrodite goddess of love hear my plead
Help me find the man/woman I need.
Please goddess let these petals find their way,
So that one day,
My soulmate can find me,
And to my heart, he/she will be the key,
This is my will
So mote it be.

What is Lady Luck and how do you use it?

This is a love spell that, when cast, will help you find true love if you’re one of those who haven’t got lucky in love yet. Before casting this spell, you will need to light a red and a pink candle and write down the qualities you want in your mate on a piece of paper. Keep a bowl of red and pink rose petals beside you. After you’ve chanted” the man/woman I need”, say out what you’ve written down aloud and then proceed to scatter the rose petals outside while continuing with the rest of the chant.

As I had said before, luck is all about being positive and attracting positivity. These spells for good luck help you achieve this positivity by decluttering your mind and surroundings (by way of the various preparation methods like lighting scented candles, keeping flowers, etc.) of negativity and inducing mental clarity (by requiring you to empty your mind and get into a calm, meditative state). Also, the positive wishes that you chant encourage positive energies to get attracted to you.

However, consider these spells for good luck as auxiliary to hard work and sincere efforts as you cannot achieve success, no matter how many spells you cast, if you lack sincerity, motivation, and the drive to work hard. Thomas Jefferson drove this point home very tactfully when he elicited the following good luck quote:

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