Magic spells to become female

Magic spells to become female.Gender Transformation Spells help you to transform from your gender for example from a man to

a woman with in 24 hours. when you born a man having jeans and feelings for fellow men there is no reason why you stay gay or

dress up like a woman to fit your Genes and feeling, cast this spell today and transform into a gender identity you wish for.

Someone to turn gay (bottom) sometimes his feelings differ from his gender, being miserable and desperate to become a woman

when you a male its really frustrating but with this spell you can transform from a man to a woman by using gender spiritual

\energies to transform you and your genes to a woman with your true identity DNA. After your  transformation you grow breasts

 with a woman’s private parts and have a soft woman’s body.

Gender Transformation Spell that Work to become a man!Gender Transformation Spell that Work to become a woman!Gender Transformation Spell that Work within 24 hours

with good functionality.Magic spells to become female

genes and feelings that control our gender. This happens where by our human energies sometimes differ from our real genders and

we end .up having same sexual feelings with the same sex and wish to do things our opposite sex do. If you not ok with your gender

example if you are a boy I turn you into a girl (man to woman). By the help of the four elements of the earth and my spiritual

powers I am able to cast this spell.

A true, physical gender transformation spell isn’t possible. Sorry. That’s just more than what magick can do for you. But if you are interested in switching genders, for whatever reasons, there are other ways of approaching the issue. Here are two spells that can help you with your gender transformation needs.

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