Marriage spells that work like magic.Before starting any of these marriage spells, talk to you lover first. Ask about their opinions on marriage and children. If you need more advice, talk to their family and close friends. Get an idea of what your partner is looking for and see if you can find a happy medium. Note: If what you and your partner want are totally different, then do what’s best for you! Once you’ve talked about all possible futures for your relationship, then you can start truly considering the following spells. Remember: Don’t let you partner find out you’ve been casting spell on them. They might feel hurt. And no matter what, honesty is (almost always) the best policy. Have fun trying these spells. We wish you love and happiness in your future marriage. Good

Marriage spell #1

You will need three candles for this spell and a strand of your lover’s hair. A red candle, a purple candle, and a white candle. Place the strand of hair under the three candles and say the name of your partner three times and look into the flames of the candles as you are saying your partner’s name. You need to be specific about what you want from your partner. Give in great detail what you want from your partner. It is the only way you will get what you want out of this spell. This spell will help give you and your partner a strong bond between the two of you and let all the good qualities of each other come out. Making each other see the qualities that you love in each other. Making the bond between the two of you strong.

Marriage spell #3/Marriage spells that work like magic

You are ready to get married and start a family, and you want your partner to feel the same way. If you are truly ready for the next step in your relationship, then it’s time to try out the magnetic turmeric oil spell. For this spell, you will need turmeric oil. Rub the oil all over your body, starting with your head. You should also rub it on your pressure points and sensual points. Such as, behind your ears, your elbows, the backs of your knees and your feet. This oil has special magnetic qualities, which means it will attract your partner to you and make them think about wanting to be with you for the rest of their lives.

Marriage spells that works in usa/canada/sweden/


now you need to make them realize that they are ready to take the next step as well. Why not try a few make spells and or oils to help them realize that that is what they are ready to do. These magic spells will not make someone do something they do not want to do; it will help them along in the process of deciding that marriage is the right thing to do. Go for it and have fun with it as well.


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