Selene Devotional

Selene Devotional. Selene’s Devotional Chant for Courage Posted on March 28, 2019 in Greek Deities Devotionals

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What is Selene the moon goddess?|How do you work with a goddess like Selene?|What does Selene mean in Greek?|How do you talk to Selene?|

Our femininity is the goddess within and the moon shining through us. Selene the Moon Goddess also brings to her

followers a flood of intuition,Selene Devotional, the ability to dream and interpret dreams, and divination powers. Once you begin

working with her, your dreams might come more frequently and even be more intense.

One of the most effective ways of working with a goddess like Selene is to set up an altar or a space on your altar

dedicated solely to her. A painting of the moon, a moon goddess statue, or even a few pieces of moonstone is a

perfect representation of Selene. Horses, silver, and white are great for Selene altar decorations.

Selene Goddess of the Moon is a deity in the Greek pantheon. Her name means “bright” or “gleaming”. Her other

name, Mene, translates to moon and is the root of our words a month, menses, and menstruation. She is the sister of

Helios (a solar god) and Eos (goddess of the dawn), and daughter to Hyperion and Thea.

Because the moon is intricately linked to the water, performing water-scrying sessions to speak to Selene is a great

way to connect with her. The old-school way is to fill a silver bowl with water and take it outside at night. Allow the

moon’s reflection to show in the water and ask Selene for a message.

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