Spells to make him think of me constantly

Spells to make him think of me constantly. So you want to make a guy think of you constantly, but you don’t know which spell to use?

Casting a spell is not an easy task, not to mention finding the right one to use and the weird ingredients!

But, if you’re determined to use magic, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out how to stay on his mind!

What types of spells can you use?

Before we get into the practical details, you must know there are multiple types of spells you can cast to determine the man you have in mind to think about you all the time.

The real power of these spells consists in ‌your spoken words and intentions. The ingredients you’ll need are symbolic and you can find them anywhere for a reasonable price.

Unlike other common spells, the ones you’ll find below require little to no ingredients, so anyone can try them.

So, let’s see which are the types of spells that can make a man think of a woman constantly:

The enchantment spell

The first type is an enchantment spell, which is used to enchant another person. But, you need to know that if you’re using an enchantment spell, you’re using powerful magic and you must be prepared for it.

The love spell

The second type is a love spell, which is used to create a bond between two people. If you want to get the attention of a man, you’ll want to use a love spell that will bewitch him.

Fair warning: he might fall for you!

The hypnotic spell

The third type is a hypnotic spell, which is used to influence the mind of another person. This is the type of spell that you want to use on your man if you want to be on his mind constantly.

With its help, you can sneak into his thoughts without him realizing it. And never get out!

In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of spell you use because you’ll get the same results.

How do spells work?

By now you’ll be wondering if your words could be that powerful. You were probably expecting me to give you an endless list of rare items for this type of spell to work.

Well, let me explain:

When the words of the spell are spoken aloud, they act on the energy field of magic and spin it into a vortex.

To be more precise, these words have a magical effect on the universe around you, and the universe then reacts by giving you what you’ve asked for.

Notice that the words of the spell are not magical, but they make you feel as though magical forces are at work.

The trick is that the more often you say these words, the more likely they are to work.

But here’s something really interesting: you can write your spells!

Writing a spell is as simple as putting your intentions into words.

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Ingredients for enchantment, love, and hypnotic spells

As I mentioned earlier, there are 3 types of think-of-me spells perfect for your purpose, which don’t require you to spend a fortune on ingredients or order them from the other side of the world.

Depending on which spell you want to cast, you’ll need red, purple, and/or black candles.

These candles are symbols (not magical objects), so you can opt for simple, colored candles. Nothing fancy is needed.

These ingredients are mainly important because they help you focus your mind on the spell and increase your chances of success due to their symbolism.

In other words, they create the perfect environment and indirectly support your intentions.

Another item that most experts say is more than necessary is a picture of him or a picture of the two of you together.

However, visualizing him or the two of you together while you perform the spell is just as effective!

So, don’t bother with unimportant details if you’re ready to focus and direct all your energy to your intention!

How to make him think of me constantly? 3 spells to try today

Here are 3 different spells with the same purpose: to make him think of you constantly. Pick the one that suits you better!

1) Enchantment spell to make him think of you all the time

The enchantment spell is often used to enchant men and it requires just two candles to put into practice.

You need to understand that this spell is focused on your intentions and will only act per them.

So, for instance, if you want to make him think of you but not fall in love with you, then your spell will work only in that sense, too.

For this spell, you will need a black candle, a red candle, and your intentions.

Light the black candle and say:

“I name you (his name) with the power of love (friendship).

To take root in your mind, I command this spell to work.”

Repeat these words again, and then blow out the black candle. Set it aside, but leave it standing.

Now, light the red candle and say:

“I open his mind to accept me in it. This is my wish.”

Say these words again, and then blow out the red candle.

2) Love spell to make him think of you like crazy

This love spell works with as few as 2 different colored candles and your powerful words that will turn into energy and make your intentions a reality.

You can use your energy to develop a strong mental connection with this man.

For this spell, you will need a purple candle and a red candle, as well as your intentions.

Light the purple candle, and say:

“I am the gift I give him, for he cannot resist.

I open his mind to accept me in it. This is my wish.”

Repeat these words, and then blow out the purple candle. Set the candle aside, in a safe place.

Now, light the red candle and say:

“I want to be with him at all times, wherever he is.

Let his mind be filled with thoughts about me.”

Say these words again, and then blow out the red candle.

3) Hypnotic spell for you to be on his mind frequently

The hypnotic spell is similar to the other think-of-me spells, but it’s more complicated and requires more focus.

You need to use a particular chant and focus on your target during the ritual.

So, for instance, if you want to make him think of you, you can use a single candle, turn the lights out, and chant specific words (see example below).

Or, you can choose to leave the candle out. However, make sure you stay focused on something to avoid getting distracted.

I strongly recommend looking at a picture of him or the two of you together or visualizing him/both.

You can repeat this chant, using his name:

He thinks of me all the time.”

Say this chant while you focus on him and what you want most, namely to be on his mind.

Spell to make your soulmate think of you constantly

To make your soulmate think of you constantly, you’ll need to write a really good intention. You want to create a mental bond between you two so that you’re on his mind all the time.

You could say something like:

“I want to be with him at all times, wherever he is.

I want to be in his thoughts, no matter what he does or where he goes.

So mote it be.”

Repeat this chant or personalize yours to make sure you’re always on your soulmate’s mind.

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your soulmate??

The truth is:

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Do spells Really work?

If you know how to cast a spell, you’ll be able to perform magic, but only if you believe that it will work.

Also, the more often you do magic, the more likely your spells are to work. If you always fail in your spells, try doing them more often.

But, if you’re a beginner, you can start with a few spells and keep doing them until they work. Then, when you’ve mastered them, you can try more difficult spells.

The spells above are simple enough to learn, so you should be able to do them yourself.

How long until a think-of-me spell works?

The answer to this question is not easy to find, because it differs from one person to another.

While some people say that their spells worked in 24 hours, others claim that it took months for the results to show up.

From personal experience, I can tell you that using a love spell can make him think of you constantly, but sometimes you need to cast it multiple times before you get the result you want.

You shouldn’t get discouraged if things don’t work the first time. Keep trying and eventually, they will.

I cast the spell, now what?

To make sure your spell works, it’s not enough to say it once. I can’t tell you which is the magical number of repetitions.

But, what I can share with you, are a few tips to increase your chances of success.

So here we go:

  • For the enchantment spell to make him think of you all the time, perform the ritual above a few times a day for as long as you want him to think about you.
  • The hypnotic spell to make him think of me constantly will not produce results right away either, so you have to repeat it over a longer time.
  • As with all spells, be sure that you follow the instructions closely. Don’t rush through the ritual or skip anything in your casting.
  • Make sure no one is watching you while you cast spells and that you’re properly shielded from outside influences.
  • When you cast a spell to make him think of you all the time, be sure to speak aloud because this is the only way your spells will work. If the words linger in your mind silently, they won’t work.
  • Try to imagine what it would be like if he thought of you constantly.
  • If you want your spell to work, don’t cast it for no reason.
  • Don’t perform this spell too early in the morning because it has some disadvantages.

In conclusion

Now you know how simple it is to cast a spell to make him think of you constantly.

Even so, remember to stay positive about what you’re doing. If you’re willing to try magic and put your full energy into it, it’ll most probably work out.

Arm yourself with beautiful, colored candles, patience, and passion to make sure you’re all he thinks about!

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