To Catch A Thief Spell

Spell To Catch A Thief Spell.The Subconscious Thief Spell even though this spell is quite easy to do, it’s still one of the most potent ones, because it works with the subconscious mind of that special person you want to have in your life. When it comes to attraction spell like this one, the power of the subconscious mind as we want this specific person to think about us non-stop, right? That’s why this is a very powerful way to help you connect with you to a mental subconscious level.

Some of you contact me to tell me they don’t have a photo of the person they want to attract. This kind of spell requires it as mandatory ingredients so, if you don’t have one, simply choose another one otherwise it won’t work and the hoped expected outcomes won’t manifest.


  • Five white candles.
  •  glass of vinegar.
  • A photograph of the desired person.
  • Salt.


Start by drawing a circle on the ground with the salt so you can step inside it.

Place and light the candles around the circumference and place the photograph inside.
Now put the vinegar on top of the photo and recite: “Think of me as much as I think of you; fulfill my desire to be my will.“
Finish by twisting the candles counterclockwise, take the picture and write behind it: “think of me today“.
And here’s another option to do this ritual.

Here’s what you need:
A small two faced mirror.
A ball of red thread.
A picture of the person you want.
A picture of you.

How it’s done

To Catch a Thief Spell. A needle or nail. A piece of paper with the stolen Items listed. This spell is to catch a Thief. And you will be invoking hecate. If you know the name of the NAME of the thief ABSOLUTELY POSTIVE. Then inscribe their name (s) on The Black candle. With the needle or nail

To do so, place the photo of the loved one in front of a small mirror and stick yours behind the glass facing the photo of your desired one, leaving the mirror between both images.
Tie everything with the red thread and write on your photo the following text:
“I (your name) today (give a specific date) I am declaring fervently that you (the name of the person) will never stop thinking about me. Every time you look in the mirror and see your face, I will appear. You cannot forget me. You cannot get me out of your head. I will always be in you. This is my great wish, and I know that this is how it is going to be.“
Finally, keep the mirror in your wallet until you see results.
This spell could sound tricky but, if you perform it the right way, it is highly effective and powerful. So if you’re searching for a spell chant to make someone think of you constantly, use this one

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