voodoo spells with eggs


voodoo spells with eggs.Voodoo egg spell and other voodoo spells originated as shamanistic traditional brought from Africa.
New world during slave trade and combined with ritualism of faithful in Western part. Voodoo is the belief that ritual
which deals with need of a desire will produce that desire you have in you.


Cast a glamour spell. Eggs symbolize renewal, rebirth and eternity. Whisk together an egg white, a splash of fresh lemon juice and a little honey, then apply it to the face ask you would a skin mask. Close your eyes and meditate on the manifestation of eternal beauty.Write one word or symbol on a raw egg that represents your frustration, sadness or grief. Go to the edge of a moving water and throw the egg against a river rock. Watch the contents drain into the water. Walk away and don’t look back. Cast a glamour spell.


Dye them naturally. Choose a color appropriate to your spell (like green for abundance) and try dying eggs naturally with kitchen scraps like red onion peel, red cabbage, leftover tumeric, coffee or spinach. Banish a dark mood.







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