5 Free Love Spells Chants That Work Greatly In Minutes

5 Free Love Spells Chants That Work Greatly In Minutes.How to make him love you?Wonder if you can get married with your love interest?If you are interested in someone and have these questions, you’ve come to theright place. Nowadays, you can have a happy relationship with the partner of your choice by using the love spell.

People often misunderstand love spells are the use of black magic.

Sometimes you may use candles as well as other tools if needed.

Are you ready for free love spells chants that work fast?

Then, prepare to be amazed by all the powerful love spell chants below!

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Top 5 Love Spell Chants that Work Fast

No need to create a spell of your own; instead, you can use free love spells without ingredients available to cast. Working very fast, they have been professionally designed to help you find your true love.

What to do to make the spells to work best?

Positive energy and intentions should not be lacked in a spiritual process. In other words, the love spell will not work well if you have a skeptical and closed mind.

Not only helping you discover and fall in love, but all the love spell chants also give you hints on how to achieve your outcome in a daily basis. Don’t let your negative energy block the universe support for your goal.

It’s time to proceed: let’s have a look at the following love spells!

1. The Easiest Love Spell Chant

Try the easy love spells for beginners if you cannot handle things too complicated.

With this love spell, no need to make use of any rituals to attract your love interest. All you have to prepare is your inner power ? try to control your mind and don’t let yourself get distracted.

Focus on your intent; that’s, thinking of the person you are targeting.

Well, this spell asks you for the picture of your love interest only.

Steps to do:

  1. Place the photo in front of you
  2. Look at the photo attentively to create a connection
  3. Imagine that you are in love with that person
  4. Focus your attention on that person’s mind and try to control it until you are unable to feel that you cannot have a hold over their thinking
  5. Keep yourself relaxed when you know you’ve already manipulated your love interest’s mind

This spell is believed to work within 24 hours. For those who cannot wait, you may want to see also love spells that work overnight!

2. The Love Spell Chant with Candles

Talking about love spell chants, the most necessary tool is obviously candles.

Before beginning the session, you are advised to look for a quite place; and with this spell, you need a pair of candles. The materials for this spell chant are simple and easy to get, so the preparation won’t cost you much time.

All you needs include: 2 yellow candles, a needle, and matches.

Steps to do:

  1. First and foremost you have to clear off your mind of any negative feeling
  2. Be happy and fill the whole atmosphere with positive energy then
  3. Engrave the name of the person you like in the yellow candle by using the needle
  4. Light the candle after that and wait for it to burn up probably
  5. Think of your love interest while moving the needle back and forth through the flickering candle flame
  6. Repeat the name of that person whereas staring at the burning flame

Whenever you do the love spell chants, you must put 100% of your faith on what you are doing for receiving the right kind of energy from the universe.

3. The Love Spell Chant with Daily Love Note

Do you love chanting?

If the answer is yes, then why don’t you try this technique?

The only challenge when using the daily love note spell chant is that you are required to have a little knowledge about chakras so that you can execute the spell. For those who have no idea what chakra is, it’s known as a body’s energy center.

To utilize this chant, you need: a piece of paper, information regarding chakras, and red ink.

Steps to do:

  1. Gather all the needed materials
  2. Write a short letter (love note) for the person you love
  3. Make a request asking the universe to send your letter to your targeted person
  4. Say ?so may it be? for a closure to the chant and then keep repeating until falling asleep

Most significantly, this spell chant for love is designed to use for your love interest exclusively.

4. The Heart Chant

Looking for any of love chants to bring him back?

Well then you should try this extremely simple spell. For those who have not enough time for a complex spell or a spell requiring many ingredients, I highly recommend the heart chant.

It does not work if you just perform once; actually, the spell needs to be done over and over again so that its power and potency will be increased.

Steps to do:

  1. Let’s start by making a heart shape with your bare hands
  2. Look at the heart and think of the type of love or relationship that you would like to get involved with
  3. Chant aloud clearly the spell ?bring me back the love that I always desire and thank you divine for hearing me?

Don’t worry if your heart does not have a perfect shape; in fact, it’s still okay if you do it in a nonchalant way. If you are in public, then you are allowed to whisper or chant the spell in your mind.

In case you don’t want to use the word ?divine’, you can change it for the ?universe’ or any higher power that you believe in.

5. The Visualization Love Spell Chant

How to do this simple spell?

Initially, it’s a must to find a quite place.

Like preparing for the mediation, you need to close your eyes and take a deep breath for relaxing your body. Then clear off any kind of distraction in your mind and focus on your intent as well as the person you want to cast this love spell on.

Try to imagine their face and then put all of your concentration on them. Take a few seconds to make the image clearer and more vivid.

As soon as you visualize your true love’s face within your mind, quickly tell them your desire and feelings and what you would want them to know while keeping remaining their image mentally. Reveal what kind of relationship you are expecting to experience with them and hope that they could fall in love with you.

Once you’ve done the visualization, it’s time for a vision of you two hanging out together romantically. Imagine the type of relationship you want to have and ask to be blessed with the happy outcome by the spell.


Please note that most love spells chants are quite powerful, but it could not work probably sometimes. Whether it works or not, the key depends mainly on your belief.

Do you truly believe in the chants’ power?

There are plenty of stories of individuals who utilize these simple love spells successfully and they feel very pleased with the result turned out.

By having faith and trust in the divine timing, you are able to bring your true love to your life. Avoid negative thinking and anxiety; meanwhile, practice yourself to fill your mind with only positive energy.

Keep telling yourself that you deserve to be loved.


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