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Traditional healer in cape town.Traditional healers in South Africa.Traditional healers in South Africa are

practitioners of traditional African medicine in Southern Africa. They fulfill different social and political roles in the

community, including divination, healing physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses, directing birth or death rituals,

finding lost cattle, protecting warriors, counteracting witchcraft, and narrating the history, cosmology, and concepts

of their tradition. There are two main types of traditional healers within the Nguni, Sotho-Tswana, and Tsonga

societies of Southern Africa: the diviner (sangoma), and the herbalist (inyanga). These healers are effectively South

witchcraft, pollution (contact with impure objects or occurrences) or through neglect of the ancestors.[1][2] It is

estimated that there are as many as 200,000 traditional healers in South Africa compared to 25,000 doctors trained

in bio-medical medicine.population, usually in conjunction with modern biomedical services.

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Traditional healers in South AfricaFor harmony between the living and the dead, vital for a trouble-free life,

perform summoning rituals by burning plants like imphepho, dancing, chanting, channelling or playing drums.

Traditional healers will often give their patient muti medications made from plant, animal and minerals—imbued

with spiritual significance.

children to promote courage. There are medicines for everything from physical and mental illness, social disharmony

and spiritual difficulties to potions for protection, love and luck.

from plants and animals, while a sangoma relies primarily on divination for healing purposes and might also be

considered a type of fortune tellers. Traditional healers can alternate between these roles by diagnosing common

illnesses, selling and dispensing remedies for medical complaints, and divining cause and providing solutions to

spiritually or socially centred complaints.

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Each culture has their own terminology for their traditional healers. Xhosa traditional healers are known

as amaxwele (herbalists) or amagqirha (diviners). Ngaka and selaoli are the terms in Northern Sotho and Southern

The Traditional Healer in Cape Town,Tsonga refer to their healers as n’anga.