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How to Make a Potion of Love (with 3 Simple Recipes).Finding love is an incredible experience in our lives.However,

it’s never easy when it comes to finding the soulmate. That’s why sometimes we do need a little help of magic to fulfill our wish.

I believe you all have heard about love potion before. Well, the real potion is not like what you often see in movies or

TV series. Many think that crafting a love potion is difficult, is it true?

How to make a potion of love?

You can make a love potion with ingredients and materials that you probably have in your kitchen. Even if you are

not a professional witch, you’re still able to craft it on your own, and I will help you in today’s article.

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A Brief Look at Love Potions

So, what is a potion of love?

According to witches, it’s a magical drink that can make the person tasting it fall in love. This sounds familiar, right?

Some of you might have seen it in Harry Potter. Trust me: love potions are a kind of magic that has existed in this

world for centuries. Ancient people used it a lot back then to get their target fall in love with them.

The potion of love usually appears in fairy tales, mythology, and literature. However, not many people believe in such

mixtures. How about you? Do you feel skeptical about the effectiveness of love potions?

Well, the answer depends on the experience of each.

Keep in mind that love potions do manifest magic but not as in movies or books where you often see or read. They

won’t manipulate the subconscious mind of your love interest and make them madly in love with you.

Actually I’ve read a book titled ‘The Only Wiccan Spell Book You’ll Ever Need,’ and the author wrote that the true

purpose of potions and spells is to empower your own energy and personal power. That will boost your confidence from within and help you attract a specific outcome.

Similar to simple love spells, the influence of potions of love is subtle. It’s powerful enough to get your crush to

notice you more, to feel your attractiveness, and to approach you romantically. The ritual of crafting a love potion

helps you focus on your will and intention in order to fulfill your deepest desires.

3 Types of Love Potions to Create at Home

recipes of love potions

When it comes to love potions, they are liquids commonly used to cast love spells among practitioners. They are not

only meant to be drunk, but you can also use them in your ritual bath, rub them on your body, anoint items on the altar, or spray them in the air.

You can use any kind of liquid to create the potion of love, such as pure water, tea, juice, or even morning dew. If you

don’t like traditional things, then try out other unconventional choices like soda or margarita. Potion-making is an

interesting experience in witchcraft, so grab this chance to craft your own recipe.

Here are some simple recipes to make a potion of love at home:

1. Love Story Potion

Do you believe that life is as romantic as what usually written in books?

If you wish to have a romantic love story like the one from your favorite novel, then this potion can tune in to the energy of all the love scenes from the book and send it back out to the real life.

Some ingredients you need for this potion:

  • A page describing your favorite love scene
  • Rose petals
  • Lavender
  • Bay leaves
  • Jasmine incense or sticks
  • 2 tea light candles
  • Water
  • Matches or lighter
  • A small cauldron
  • An athame to stir your potion


Once all items are gathered, please clean them before starting the ritual.

Light the jasmine incense and wait for a while for the smoke running through your ceremonial tools and ingredients. It’s easier if you use the incense stick. Why jasmine? This herb is associated with romance, and this step is to purify and charge everything with your goal and intent.

Pour water into your mini cauldron; then light 2 small magic candles and put them under the cauldron to heat up the water. Now read aloud all the words in the page you’ve prepared. Be sincere and positive so that your message and intention will reach the universe.

After that, carefully add rose petals, lavender, and bay leaves to your potion at the same time. Both rose and lavender are the symbol of love and passion, and bay leaves represent inner desires. These herbs will add more energy to the love potion. Stir up all the ingredients while still concentrating on your desire; most importantly, please trust your intuition.

Take a moment to visualize your favorite love scene in your mind and replace fictional characters with you and your love interest. Once you feel strange within your body yet in a good way, it’s time to move to the last step.

Fold the page having the story on it in 3 times and dip it in the water. The mixture may be hot so use the athame for stirring, and now your potion of love is ready to be used.

2. Passionate Love Potion

Also known as Written in the Stars Potion, this love potion takes advantage of the power of the stars. Designed

to enhance the love and passion between two individuals, it works best if you are already in a romantic relationship.

To make this potion, you must know the birth date of your partner because you need their astrological sign for the

ritual. Besides, since you work with the energy from the sky, choosing the time to craft the passionate love potion is significant.

Before starting the ritual, say these following words to gather your intention:

“I call on the power of the sun, moon, and stars. Please witness my love and passion for my partner. As it keeps

increasing, I hope my partner’s love and passion for me also grow and match with mine.”

Some ingredients you need for this potion:

  • A rose quartz stone
  • A clear quartz stone
  • Drinking water
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • A glass jar with a lid


The first thing you need to do is to make a search of what nights exactly the moon will transit to your partner’s sun sign, and then mark them on the calendar. Usually the moon will stay several nights in each astrological sign and will travel through all 12 signs in a month – we call it the moon course.

You can re-craft this love potion per month if you want.

On the day you perform the potion spell, please fill your glass jar with water and place it near the window or somewhere outside to charge and feel the vibration of the sun. Speak to the intention of yours so that the potion can sense your energy and gradually manifest.

Draw the zodiac symbol of your loved one’s zodiac sign on the water surface by the cinnamon stick. If you find it hard to draw, it’s okay to write their full name. Next, put the clear quartz stone in the jar – this kind of magic stone intensifies your love and passion towards your partner.

Stir the mixture 8 times clockwise.

Eight, in astrology, is the number of Venus and clockwise movement means you add the reflective energy to your potion. Combine these two factors and it represents your growing love sending to the person you are in love.

In the evening of the ritual day, put the jar under the moon and remove the clear quartz stone. Now draw your sun sign’s symbol or write your name on the surface of the water using the other end of the cinnamon stick. Place the rose quartz crystal into the jar and repeat the stirring step, except this time you will stir counterclockwise. The aim is to help you receive the loving feelings from that person in return.

You can store this potion under your bed or somewhere romantic to you.

3. Think of Me Potion

With this interesting potion, you have to make use of the power of crystals and Tarot to get someone to think of you most of the time. The best time for crafting it is in the evening of every day. You should carry out the ritual when you’re alone and in the romantic mood.

Some ingredients you need for this potion:

  • A clear quartz crystal
  • A rose quartz crystal
  • Amethyst
  • Red juice (cherry, cranberry, or pomegranate)
  • A sprig of sage
  • 3 Tarot cards: King of Cups, Queen of Cups, and Eight of Wands


Let’s start the session by preparing a glass of red juice, and next please put your crystals and amethyst into the liquid. Make sure you already clean them all – these magic stones will remove negative energies surrounding you and your lover, fill their mind with positive thoughts about you, and strengthen the power of your potion spell.

Sage is the herb that can help you focus on your intention better.

Stir the potion with the sprig of sage; while doing that, please say aloud, “This potion is made from love and now I’m drinking it, and my Higher please plants thoughts about me in (your lover’s name)’s head.” and the power of the sage will connect you and your desired person spiritually.

Keep stating your thoughts about your desire by using your love interest’s name, such as “Krist and I hanged out last week and he can’t help thinking about me” or “Krist has good impressions about me and sends me text.”

Remove your crystals as soon as the spell is activated.

The next thing to do is reading your Tarot cards – place all 3 cards on the altar in a triangle shape. Both the King and Queen must lean towards each other upright as these two cards indicate you and your loved one, and Eight of Wands will lay horizontally as the bottom of the triangle. The power of the Eight of Wands card can fasten the spell and strengthen the connection of the two of you.

In case you don’t feel right with my suggested cards, you can do the shuffle and pick out the cards you believe that they’re appropriate to your situation. Consider the Cups suit as it’s associated with love and relationships; also, the cup is a symbol for your potion.

Other powerful options are the Emperor, the Empress, the High Priestess, and the Magician.

To finish this potion-making ritual, put your glass of juice in the middle of the triangle and think about your intent.

Drink till the last drop to seal.

Is Love Potion Safe to Drink?

All the recipes I offered in this article are safe to craft and please notice that not all potions are meant for drinking. I’ve selected only nontoxic herbs and ingredients, but it’s better to make research beforehand as you may be allergic to some.

In case you plan to make a love potion of your own, please check carefully your ingredients, materials, and any kind of supplies. Herbs, magic stones, and oils can be extremely dangerous if you use it in improper ways. Much worse, they may bring harms and damages to you.

For anyone looking for online recipes, only choose love potions requiring safe ingredients.

You don’t have to always drink your potion; sometimes, you can just have a ritual bath with herbs indicate love and romance.

Final Words

Again, please be sure that ingredients you use for your love potion are safe to not only you but also people around you. Be cautious before you work with something you don’t feel familiar with.

Hope you gain useful information on how to make a potion of love via this article.

Do you have any favorite potion of love that you’ve read somewhere? Or have you done a love potion before? I would love to hear all of your opinions and experiences, so don’t mind leaving your comment below.