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What to Do If Someone is Having a Mental Breakdown? (6 Tips)

What to do if someone is having a mental breakdown?. Mental breakdown is a common state that often occurs when people work too much without spending time to rest. Or, it also happens if someone falls into a panic state due to unexpected events in life.

Meditation and other stress busting activities like yoga have been known to be helpful for people susceptible to mental breakdown. Another tip is to get them involved in physical activity like exercise and sports. These activities are known to release endorphins in the brain which have analgesic properties.

So, how to deal with this situation?

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In today’s article, let’s find out how to help someone cope with stress and mental breakdown.

What is Mental Breakdown?|Should you worry if someone is having an emotional breakdown?|When should you see a doctor for a breakdown?|

Mental breakdown is a change in a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that can put themselves at risk or cause harm to others. People suffering from nervous breakdown are often in unstable states or have negative thoughts leading them to suffer from fatigue and stress all the time. What to Do If Someone is Having a Mental Breakdown?.

Being stressful due to work pressure is the cause of the breakdown.

Some common signs of mental breakdown include.

– The inability to perform daily tasks, such as bathing, getting dressed, etc.- Mood swings- Agitation, risk-taking or loss of control behavior- Self-mistreatment or mistreating others- Isolation from school, workplace, family and friends- Losing contact with people around- Paranoia.

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Tips to Help Others Having a Mental Breakdown|How can I help someone with a nervous or mental breakdown?|What is a mental breakdown?|

If someone that you know is dealing with a mental breakdown or anxiety attack, whether it’s emotional or situational, there are a few things you can do to help ensure their mental as well as physical health during this difficult time.

1. Find out the root of their mental breakdown

The busy and hectic life is the reason causing many worries and pressures that make most of us fall into a crisis. If you want to cure an illness, you must find out and eliminate the cause of it. Similarly, one’s mental breakdown will end only if you know the root of the breakdown.

How to overcome this trouble in life?

The first thing is to eliminate the root that has caused a source of negativity inside.

The person you know has properly found themselves not confident or capable enough to do something? They tend to feel sad when getting sick or when their health is not stable. They feel no sympathy from friends and relatives. What is the reason making you lose your appetizer and sleepless every day? Sometimes a mental breakdown starts from a simpler reason than what you think.

Have sincere conversations with them to identify the root.

Advise them to widen their knowledge, eat healthy meals, do exercises every day, and having more conversations with you. These are all effective ways to overcome stress and make sure that it’s no longer stuck in their lives.

2. Stay positive

Tell your friend or anyone having a mental breakdown to think about positive things.

They should learn to view all problems in a positive perspective, and that will help them realize that life is not that bad.

Being positive is always the best way to accept and overcome any kind of stress and anxiety. Everything has 2 sides, so does your life. No matter how much pressure you are encountering, you should go find its positive points.

There is a saying, “Failure is the mother of success,” which means that falling will give you lifelong lessons. For example, breaking up with the person you love can shed light on your seriousness and appreciation toward your feelings.

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3. Take it slow and open up more

Friends and family members will give that person valuable advice on how to overcome mental breakdown in life. You can tell their loved ones all the bad things they are facing. Instead of suppressing the pressure in the heart alone, advise them to open up and share their stories.

Then, things will be much easier to solve.

Breathing deeply and slowly is a natural method that helps them calm their emotions effectively. Especially when the breakdown has reached a point that makes them just want to explode, tell them to put everything aside and inhale deeply.

This is a simple way helping the mind much more stable.

4. Be a good listener

Listen to their story attentively.

Having the poor health and depressed mood can lead to a mental breakdown, especially if your problems are not resolved soon.

We are like a machine – when it has worked too much, it needs to rest and maintain. Maybe it’s time for your friend to “recharge” their body with delicious food, good sleep and exercises. Tell them to practice listening to their body as well to avoid the risk of getting a crisis.

5. Have a good sleep

Sleep is a great magic potion.

How to overcome mental breakdown in life? A good sleep – why not?

When so many troubles surround your life, there is nothing better than having a beautiful sleep. As soon as waking up, you will be fully awake and have more energy to deal with any daily challenge in the most intelligent way.

6. Have faith in themselves

Tell them to always believe in themselves.

The way to overcome stress and anxiety in life is to have faith in yourself. You need to understand that this modern life always has pressures come along with joy. There will be no problems following you forever. Help your friend to take action from today to get rid of stress and pressure immediately.


Now you finally know what to do if someone is having a mental breakdown, right?

To reach the finish line successfully, everyone must go through a path full of obstacles and turns. If feeling tired, stop for a while to rest and recharge your power. Never give up on everything, but always tell yourself that just a little bit and you can achieve the success. This will give you strength to face the mental breakdown and confidently head toward in life.

Life is about goals and facing many obstacles to achieve them. Sometimes, the difficulties you have to face make you lose all of your motivation and drown in a pool of pressure.

Hopefully all the tips shared in the article above will be the guide helping you overcome obstacles!