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How to remove isichitho. What is isichitho?. is a curse or some form suffering and misfortune done by jealousy bad

people will befall or attach to one’s life or more people say can be done on your family ,children ,friends, your boss,

or your colleagues to befall you from all of them to suffering.

it is sent or done to you to make a separation on you, or in any relationship or in curse form done to some ones life ,it

is mainly done by witched people who are bad hearted such that they dont see you having progress in life

Once isichitho is done or sent on you it starts affecting you life and it starts with showing you signs and symptoms

it has got different forms or types if it is sent on you you can easily tell the type how to remove isichitho

How to Remove isichitho permanently

Use 2 liter of milk, 18 eggs, and sugar brown while using

These items . Mix all of these ingredients in a jar or pot or mug, then take a bath of the whole body while speaking
out saying all that is troubling you to get off from you and let it be reversed send it back to where it comes from your
life, including illness ,untrustworthiness, arguments evil spirits trailing you ,monitoring evil spirits evil spirits, and
the Isichitho. There are many different forms of isichitho, But isichitho is mostly used by women who are fighting
over the same man, But nevertheless your competitor at your workplace or any person that might want to put you
down can also use isichitho on you. It can be a jealous family member, jealous ex lover or even a wicked random
stranger you might have wronged. I’ve had many cases in my healing experience where by clients fight isichitho from
an ex lover, worst case scenario sometimes a family member.  isichitho worries , destroys life and relationships or
marriages get to know how and why There are several signs and symptoms that some one has used isichitho on you
Lets find out What is Isichitho?…. Isichitho is a witchcraft spell used by wicked people to make you less attractive to
your partner or to other people just in general. Isichitho destroys everything that you are trying to build .

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