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Vampire Transformation.Within the series, a vampire transformation from human to vampire is described as beingthe sharpest memory they have of their human life.” A human is bitten, and venom from glands inside the vampire’smouth is injected into the bloodstream. Depending upon “how much venom is in the bloodstream, and how close thevenom is until it enters the heart”, the transformation could last anywhere from 2-5 days. During this time, the human will endure indescribable pain.

vampire transformation process,The transformation process is simple, assuming the vampire doesn’t drain the human body of blood. A human is bitten, and the venom is allowed to spread for a few days. … The final stage in conversion happens when “the heart stops”(TW20), at which point the human becomes a vampire.

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How do vampires transform?!How long does a vampire transformation take?!Does a vampire transformation hurt?!What are the signs of turning into a vampire?!

It is not easy to become a vampire however, there are various steps through which a person can achieve the desire results. Drinking blood, leaving delicious food, stay away from the sun, spell casting, bite from a vampire, etc. are the procedures of transformation. The process could be pain full, dangerous, and tough however, it can make a normal person into a vampire.

What is a vampire in usa/Canada/Australia/England/Cyprus/Egypt

A vampire Is a creature who subsists by feeding on the vital essence (generally in the form of blood). It is an unwritten or un evidential culture that is coming from generation to generation.

We see a lot of movies and listen to some stories of vampires. What we imagine about vampires by influencing such fantasy?

A long face man has long sharp canine teeth, wearing a long black 1 coat with a red scarf, live in a sharp tomb dark castle, kill people and drink their blood, they can’t come out in daylight, at night they turn in to bat, they live forever blah blah ……… All such things come into our minds when we listen about vampires.

The reality of a vampire

Have you ever thought, are they really exist! All the movies we see and all the stories we listen are really true? Or even in past they were, are they exist in this world like dinosaur were, and with time they subsist due to evolution?

Yes, vampires do exist in this world. The term real vampire is used for them but they are not like the vampire of our fantasy world, they don’t turn in to bat or live forever. The real vampire drinks the blood of humans or animals or psychics from donors to feel healthy (perhaps it is a misguidance).

History of vampire

There is various evil mythology (the study of myths), vampires are among these. Most people associate vampires as count Dracula who went out at night in search of human beings to drink their blood and kill them. They are from folklore (an ancient unwritten culture coming from generation to generation).

A novel published in 1897 called Dracula was an epic novel by Bram stoker that is based on vampires, determines how old could be a vampire, but the history of vampires is more ancient than that.

How to become a vampire?

Some people admire these evil mythologies, they are inspired by the evil power and forget about the one ALLAH who makes this world and us. They do all those things which make them their desired evil.
Same to become a vampire, there are countless procedures and rituals through which undergo with the ultimate intent being turning. Without further due let’s begin and see are most common rituals which make a normal person into a vampire, no kidding.

Become a vampire through spell casting

It is a common and a famous procedure due to which a person turns the whole life into a new aura. But first, it is important to know what spell casting is? “Spellcasting is a magical formula that is intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or object. It can be sung spoken or chanted.” For that, the first thing you need is courage and willingness to do on the dark side.

There are different spells that you can choose to become a vampire. You can bid a good number of spells which you think work for you turn yourself a vampire. During spell it is necessary to strike your thoughts in your intention this is the only way to oppressed 1 the universe to give you what exactly you want.javascript:window[“$iceContent”]

The duration of the spell depends on how you carry out the vampire ritual, transformation might take several days or even one day. But before doing all such unusual things make sure that you really want this change, it can fulfill your desire but demands a lot of pain, endurance, and courage.

Change in the diet to become a vampire

It is the hardest part to become a vampire. Change in the diet means you have to leave all the food you love to eat. We all know that vampires only consume blood and energy. This is the most crucial demand that you have to fulfill to achieve your desire transformation.

First, you have to make a list of your favorite cuisine and leave them one by one by replacing them with blood. Another very important thing is the doctor’s advice, might be you have allergy or reaction after starting this new diet therefore, it is better to take advice from your doctor.javascript:window[“$iceContent”]

Research is very important before buying blood from any blood bank. Find a blood bank that provides screened, refined, and clean blood that is safe to consume.

Luck ease vampire transformation

Here luck means circumstances that increase the chances to become a vampire. These circumstances may be a curse in your family or hairy by birth. Some people believe that if a pregnant woman consumes less salt during her trimesters then there are more chances to become a vampire or if a mother in vampirism and during birth a vampire stares in her then high chances that baby would be a vampire.

Using talisman/Trinkle to become a vampire

Trinkets and talisman are a bonus perk that can change a normal human being into a vampire. Vampire trinket bears a super special power that comes true to the dream of becoming a vampire. It is better to find an experienced person who has knowledge of using these trinkets and talesman and know where to get these authentic trinkets.

An experienced vampire can teach, how to use it and give some tips and tricks that help to undergo a drastic change. It is better to get experience before using these trinkets and talesmen because careless use can cause your transformation to backfire.

Mixing with vampire blood

First of all, it is better to find a real-life vampire and ask all your queries because it is hard to adopt this evil lifestyle and demand to go through the most difficult things in life, however, if you wish to be a vampire then another procedure which can forward you further steps toward this is mix blood with vampire blood.

Vampire Transformation

Vampire Transformation.Within the series, a vampire transformation from human to vampire is described as beingthe sharpest memory they have of their human life.” A human is bitten, and venom from…