Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell.This spell calls upon all the names and faces of the Triple Goddess to grant 1 wish or power. Spell can only be used on the Blood Moon Eclipses. I made this spell.

Blood Moon Bewitching Spell “Ignite Your Love Life, Grow Your Bank Account” The total lunar eclipse known as a Blood Moon affords you the opportunity to dramatically change your relationships, your finances… your life. The Blood Moon occurs when the earth’s shadow completely covers the moon’s surface.

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*Disclaimer: Please note that the spells we provide are based on psychic abilities and traditional healing. It is not an exact science. As such results may vary.

What does the Blood Moon Eclipse mean to you?!How potent are spells for lunar eclipse?!What is a blood moon and why is it so powerful?!What is a lunar eclipse candle ritual?!

This lunar event wants you to take a long look at the promising future you have ahead of you, and these blood moon eclipse rituals will help guide all your energy toward prosperity.

Spells for Lunar Eclipse are Super potent. Lunar Eclipse spells get real result. Spells for Lunar Eclipse. Spells cast during lunar eclipse. opportunity to get results. eclipse is exceptionally strong. The moon.

It is a moment of great power and magic that must be experienced with enthusiasm. During a Blood Moon you can cast a spell to attract prosperity, so that energy flows like the blood that keeps us alive. Your favourite incense.

A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth’s shadow is cast over the Moon. Follow this Lunar Eclipse candle ritual to reflect explore your own shadow at the same time. Also good for a Dark Moon (New Moon) and a Blood Moon. Light the white candle on your altar.

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