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Family Reconciliation Spell

Looking for a family reconciliation spell? Friends and family are like our own personal teams of support, protection

and love. And speaking of love, this relationship consists of little bumps in between joyrides. These problems which

are bound to happen may be due to the spur of the moment or an accidental infliction of emotions. When that time

has passed however, you look for the possibility of a patch-up while also holding up your ego.

Separations And Re-Returns

While these rifts are for us to learn from even if they lead to permanent separation, but every human being feels the

ultimate yearn for a re-return. These arguments can be put an end to by what is known as a family reconciliation

spell. These spells can reconnect you with your valued friends and family once again.

When To Cast A Spell

A family reconciliation spell is a form of divination which is perfect to implement if; you think that you and your

surroundings really need to reconcile with these friends or family. If yes, then the best time to perform this family

reconciliation spell is during a waxing moon, preferably on a Friday; Mondays if the respective people live with you.

Acquire the Following Items

  • One tapered white candle, which represents new and pure beginnings.
  • One chime pink candle, which represents love.
  • A wooden toothpick, which will ground the energies of everyone involved.
  • A parchment paper.
  • A lighter.

How To Cast A Family Reconciliation Spell

Firstly you will need to create a sacred space in a way where you think you can accumulate the most energy for

powerful family reconciliation spell, and then you need to cleanse all the items you have acquired.

Next; you will start by breaking/cutting the white candle into sections depending; on the number of people involved

including you (keep the wick intact). This candle illustrates that the people you wish to be back together are broken

apart but are enjoined by something or the other.

Now you need to use the wooden toothpick to carve the names of; these individuals onto each section of the broken

white candle. Again being careful that the wick is intact. As you carve these names, you have to visualize the energies

of family reconciliation spell that you summon to reunite all of whomever you want to be close to. Visualize each

person individually and then all of them together as well.