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Spell to Make Him Call Me Now. Wonder why your crush doesn’t call you?This question sounds familiar to each person of us, I believe, up to the point that it can torture us somehow. Imagine you finally meet someone whom you feel truly interested, and they probably have the same feelings towards you too.

Maybe your crush is no longer into you or he is testing your feelings for him. Either way, ignoring you and not responding to your call or message are not a good way.

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Magic Spells to Make Him Call You Instantly

How to get your love interest to call you back?

It seems like he is upset about something so he decides to ignore you, or probably he just doesn’t want to reply you call or text. No need to worry about this matter – I’m going to inform you some simple, effective love spells to help you get connected with that special person again.

The following options are designed to make him contact you. Not many ingredients required, you can try them out at home. Keep in mind that the key for a ritual’s success is your patience. Don’t rush and be careful during the process; most importantly, you must have faith in the spell you choose.

1. Simple call me spell

The first kind of spell on this list is the easiest one that anyone can person. All you need in this case are just a piece of paper and your phone. For a good result, I suggest you performing the ritual regularly until you receive the call from your crush.

Please write down the name of the person on the paper and place it under your cell phone. Work or not, this spell depends primarily on your intention and will. Focus on what you truly desire so that the universe can tune in to your energy and send out to your love interest.

This spell can manifest instantly, but it needs about 3 days for the magic to work completely.

2. Call me spell with water

Like what it is called, this spell requires the energy of water to work.

This one is definitely your pick if you are looking for something bringing quick and good results. To start the ritual, firstly prepare a glass of water and put it somewhere near your window. Then add 1/2 teaspoon of salt into the glass. Close your eyes and calm your mind.

After that, please chant 3 times: “The love of my life, please hear me well and call me soon. We need to have a talk.” Seal the spell by drinking the water. Wait patiently for the magic power to manifest – it will soon make anyone contact you positively.

3. Call me spell with visualization

If you’re a spell casting enthusiast, you surely know about performing rituals using the power of visualization. Love magic with the visualization method can fulfill your deepest desires related to your love life.

How does this kind of spell work?

The key is to think about your intention; in this case, it’s about wanting your love interest to contact with you. Focus on the desire and send your positive energy to the universe which later will be relocated to your target.

Aside from your visualization, you do need to prepare a piece of red (or pink) paper, a needle, and a huge passion. Let’s start the ritual by writing the name of the person you love twice in the middle of the paper; make sure you create a circle with the letters of his name. Then, it’s time to imagine about what you crave for…

Focus on the moment he calls you on the phone or sends you messages. Now use the needle and stick it in the circle center. Attach the paper to your phone and the spell will work immediately after 5 minutes. Depending on the situation and your desire, sometimes you have to wait for 5 hours or 5 days.

4. Call me spell with candles

Using candles during the ritual can empower your spell.

With candles, it’s up to your choice. Nothing will affect to the love spell if you don’t use candles; however, they are likely to give extra power to spells and chants you are performing, according to modern witches.

For example, you need to prepare a yellow candle for the call me spell. The yellow color symbolizes the positive energy and is able to enlighten your mind power. As soon as the session begins, light the yellow candle and leave it to burn for minutes. During the whole process, you should focus on visualizing the person you want to call you.

Use a needle or a stick to inscribe the name of your crush onto the candle. While doing that, remember to be careful or the flame will be extinguished. Soon your special someone will send you a text or even call you.

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5. Call me spell with bay leaf

Did you know that the power of bay leaf can make someone call you?

Since the ancient time, witches have already used bay leaf in their magic ritual as they believe it can eliminate negative energy. For this call me spell, this plant is utilized as the replacement of paper to enhance and empower the spell.

I recommend you to choose the large bay leaf because you need to write the name of your loved one on it. You can either put it on the phone case or stick it there; and then loudly chant these words repeatedly: “Dear (the name of your target), I pray for you to call me right now. I wish to hear your voice at this moment. Call me now.”

The power of the bay leaf will tune in to your thought and empower that energy to make sure your special person will give you a call, within a short period.

6. Call me spell to reconcile with your ex

Yup, if you wish your ex to call you back, please use this spell.

He ignored you out of the blue and behaved like you are nobody to his life. You have no reason for this and you are still madly in love with your ex. Take advantage of the call me spell to make your ex call you if you want to resolve this matter. Without being the initiative, you still can get his explanation.

This call me spell is simple to do – all you have to bring to your altar are your phone and two Tarot cards: the Empress and the Lovers.

You are the Empress and your relationship with him is reflected through the Lovers. Place the Lovers card on your phone and chant: “The person I truly love, (the person’s name), can you hear me good.” After that, put the Empress on the Lovers and continue saying: “Give me a call and all the hurtful feelings will disappear.”

Keep doing this spell every day and your target will gradually feel an urge to call you, at least to explain the old situation.

7. Call me spell to initiate a call

Well this solution doesn’t manifest instantly, but it still works well.

They key is to have faith in this spell and to cast it every day until your desire is fulfilled. Prepare a piece of paper and write on that a short loving letter to your crush using the red-ink pen. Fold the paper 3 times and put it under your pillow.

Keep your mind at peace and chant these sentences when sitting on your bed: “This is the letter from the bottom of my heart and I want you to feel it. Read the message, my love, and please call me soon.”

Keep chanting until you fall asleep, and concentrate on your intention to send out your energy and vibration to the person.

Final Words

Thanks to free spell to make him call me now, you will be capable of get close to your crush as well as re-establish contact with your ex. Not really common in the spell casting community, this kind of love spell is just practiced by some recently.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about the results because it does work. Not always as spells are uncertain, but it still shows the magic in some circumstances.

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