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Destruction Spell.Skyrim’s Destruction Magic School, as the name implies, is purely offensive in nature. Destruction is made up of spells from the Fire.

Frost, and Lightning elements. Each of these has its advantages, and of course some enemies are resistant or weak to a particular

element. Since playing a caster can be tough, this guide will help you in training destruction, finding all the spells, and putting them

to good use.

combat. Damage boosts are obtained from the skill’s Perks, your gear, and potions. You’ll gain more experience in the school based

on the damage you do, and the rank of the spell you’re casting. Generally a higher rank spell will be more mana efficient for the

damage it does, and this translates to faster kills and experience for you. Attacking Shadowmere and Summoned Creatures are the

only practical ways to power-level Destruction without spending gold on training at Faralda and other Mage Trainers (the BEST way

to keep this skill in line with your level). Other methods require you to be at the right point in the game. Otherwise, take the Mage

Learning Destruction Spells
New Destruction spells can be purchased from Faralda at the College of Winterhold (Mage Guild). The spells available are

determined by your level in Destruction, so check back when you near a new rank. For example, the closer you get to Adept (50) the

more likely there will be Adept spells in stock. As with other schools of magic, in order to get the Master level spells you must

complete a quest, which Faralda will offer at level 100 Destruction. Simply ask her if there is any more to be learned.Skyrim Destruction Magic: The Master Trainer Faralda, who also offers the quest to get the master level Destruction spells.

The Master Spells
All Master Destruction Magic requires both hands to cast and has a 3 second charge-up time. Of the three spells you’ll gain access

to by completing the Destruction Ritual Quest at Destruction 100, only one is practical: Lightning Storm. Its strength lies in its

focused damage and ability to stagger dragons for a length of time. In fact, it’s now my favorite weapon against dragons. As they

descend, you get time to charge up and prepare your beam. It might work well against enemy mages but archers will stagger you,

The charge-up time is the downfall of the other two spells. You can be interrupted by power/stagger attacks during the charge

period, which is about 3 or 4 seconds. When charged, Fire Storm will deal big damage in an explosion and leave some lingering

flames. Its damage is pitiful against stronger foes, but can be used to level armies of small mobs like skeletons and skeevers.

Blizzard is another bag all its own. Its only merit might be draining stamina. The damage is pathetic. The only upside is that the

Blizzard hangs in the area where it was cast for 10 seconds, so you can have it ready to assist you with approaching mobs.

Sure, there are strategies for using these spells effectively but overall Blizzard and Fire Storm are lacking. Why bother when you

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