How can I conceive a child through a spell?

How can I conceive a child through a spell? First, take a ritual bath using patchouli or cinnamon oil 2. Have all of your spell ingredients close at hand 3. Light your incense and cast your circle your usual way, call your quarters if necessary. 4. Invite the Fertility Goddess of your pantheon (or any) to come and sit in your circle to assist you and listen to you.

Pregnancy spells don’t always have to be done using expensive and intricate ingredients. They can also be done using no ingredients at all. Remember the importance of saying the right things when you cast spells for fertility. Also, make sure that you have prepared a proper altar where you will be conducting the spells.

If you want to use fertility spells but you are not comfortable with using black magic, there is a choice for you: Wiccan fertility spells. However, whichever spells you decide to go with, the most important thing is that if you want to get pregnant, this should be done with your partner if you have one.

Additionally, you must get rid of any unhealthy habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, to help you conceive a healthy baby. Following a regular dosage of folic acid (at least a month before trying to conceive) can improve your chances and reduce the risk of any birth defects in your baby.

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1. Dress the Candle

For either male or female infertility, the steps are the same. The man will write or carve his name on the side of the blue candle. The woman will write or carve her name on the side of the pink candle. You will don a pair of plastic gloves. To dress (anoint) the candle you’ll need to mix the coconut oil (or olive oil) with the appropriate essential oils. This can be done in the bowl or a small disposable cup, How can I conceive a child through a spell?

2. Rub Oil Over Candle

Once mixed, the man or woman will dress the candle. Wearing the plastic gloves, use a cotton swab and rub the mixed oils over the candle.

  1. Speak your heart’s desire while dressing the candle.
  2. Once the candle is covered with the oil, set it in the candle holder.
  3. Dispose of the gloves, swabs, and leftover oil (seal in a plastic bag) in the trash.

3. Write Your Desire on Paper

Using the colored ink pen (blue for male) and (pink for female), write your desire onto the matching blue or pink colored paper. This can be written as, “I wish to be fertile so we can conceive a healthy happy child.” If you prefer, write this desire in your own words. Set the paper near the bowl along with the lighter or candles.

4. Light the Candle to Invite Your Child to Join You

Take a moment to focus only happy positive thoughts on the candle and your desire. Don’t allow any doubts, worries, or negative thoughts to creep in. You only want good energy for this spell. Once you feel confident, light the candle. You can say a prayer, mantra, or chant during this process. As the candle burns, you will continue to cast your spell by repeating the following or you can write your invitation.

“This candle represents my deepest longing to have a child.

This is my invitation to my unborn baby to join us and become a part of our family.

We have so much love to share with you.

Come be with us today and forever.”

5. Burn the Paper

Once you’re finished communicating your love and desire to spirit, lift the paper and light it, quickly setting it in the fireproof bowl. Watch the flames as the paper burns and focus your heart and mind on your desire for a baby. You should continue to focus on your desire to be a parent after the paper burns up. Focus on the candle and continue as long as you need.

6. Allow the Candle to Burn and Self-Extinguish

The candle needs to burn down for the spell to be complete. Don’t leave the burning candle unattended. Once the candle self-extinguishes place it and the ashes from the bowl in a glass jar and bury it to finalize your intent with the spell. How can I conceive a child through a spell?

Using Pregnancy Spells to Conceive

You can always create your spell tailored to your personal beliefs and likes. Many other baby spells don’t use candles, but for anyone having difficulty getting pregnant, the powerful candle spell is a great choice. Once you cast a pregnancy spell, you need to let it go, be patient, and not dwell on it.

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