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My Passion Spell: Choose this passion spell to increase the passion between you and the one you desire or to cause two other people to increase their passion for each other. Free Passion Spells: Cast a Free Passion Spell

There are many factors which cause of losing interest of your partner in you. It cause lust and sex getting decrease with time. They are not passionate about their lover as they were in the starting of relationship and if there is no love in the relationship it cause mental stress and make their life sad and unhappy.

The passion spell which is old spell will help you to create passion and lust between you both and can be done with your desire. This spell do to excite  your lover by feel them into thoughts of sex desire which they have ignored. our psychic readers provide psychic reading services for all over the world.

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passion spells

After that pass apple through smoke another two times and saying again . Cut apple half and lay before incense. This spell will

create lust immediately. This is also another passion spell which used to bring lust between two lovers. For this spell you need 2 red

candles, toothpick , 1 piece of parchment paper, , 1 pencil. Now inscribe red candle with writing your name And inscribe another red

candle with your partner name. Now light the first candle with wooden match and light the second candle also. After that for 30

min. focus on candle as burns. Imagine your love passion, desire , lust to your partner feel for you. Now take pencil and draw 3

hearts . Take 1st  candle and drop wax on heart while you imagine  what you want you to give to your partner and how much love,

lust and passion you will offer them. When you have covered hearts with wax blow the red candle . Now take 2nd red candle and on

heart drop wax imagine and get focus what you receive from your lover and feeling of lust, love , desire, ;passion , they feel for you.

Then blow the second candle . Now repeat this process for 7 day by using the same parchment paper but you have to draw new

hearts during every session . After that burn the candles itself . Put the parchment paper to a safe place where no one can see it.

This is also another passion spell . This spell need a ribbon that have passionate colours. Pentacle draw on paper , scissors.

Pentacle is ancient symbol which has 5 points . It has shape is like a star and connected to infinity. It has magnetic power . The

pentacle is used for calling spirits and this can buy from stores. Now cut the ribbon in 6 inch pieces. Then tie them together from

one end and you can braid them into three pieces also. You are now going to braid all the way to bottom and chant this:

            “Aphrodite loves desire

            Bring me fire of passion

Now imagine that your partner is coming back to you and is lust and passionate for you. This is sexual in nature, passionate in other areas also. You can imagine your relationship you want for your partner passionate for you. When you have done braid, keep braid with you. You can put it as bracelet. Now put your lover and your name on pictures of pentacle you can keep it in a bedroom where your desire is often done.

This spell of passion is also used to get your lover. A passion spell can also be called as romantic or lust spell. For this spell you need spring water, a clear water glass, an item decorated with diamond fresh drink . Now place the piece of jewellery in the glass that contain spring water . For three days , on every day get this glass into the sun for 10-15 min. After the end of 3 days , water will be charged. The piece of jewellery should removed from the water and then mix the charge with drink which is fresh and serve to the person you want to become passionate about you.

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