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Pen and paper spell. This spell is one of the love spells that contains magical ingredients and it contains the use of a magic piece of paper and a pen.

For the past 10 years of my spell casting, I have acquired a lot of experience in casting spells that are greater in their results and for that reason.

I have brought to you a spell that will help you to stop the suffering that you have been experiencing in your life.

The pen and paper spell is a one-time spell that is cast by a psychic to end all the worries of love life.

of your life, it will strengthen the love feeling between the two of you hence making it endless.


The pen and paper spell works along with the candle spell during the ritual time, it works in a way that a person is

asked to write done whatever problem he/she wants to put an end to on the paper, for this case let’s try to put an

end on a love problem of bringing your ex back into your life.

For this spell to be more effective certain information has to be provided to the psychic when casting it, the person

has to provide the birth date of the ex, and she has to give me some of his pictures and some pieces of hair.

Chants for this spell

Remember while writing the prayer down never forget the name of the one you spell casting.

After writing down the prayer put the paper in the middle of two candles, one has to be red and the other one blue,



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