Powerful Spiritual Cleansing SpellsPowerful Spiritual Cleansing Spells

              Spiritual Cleansing Spells

Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Spells. There are many benefits you can gain by performing spiritual cleansing spells. Every single day people come face to face with negative energy in some shape or form with some being much more prominent and heavily affecting you while others such as a grumpy coworker affect you minimally.

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No matter what it is, there is negative energy in your life and your body that will cause your spirit to become

cloudedwith bad and harmful energy. It is always good to cleanse yourself as well as your spirit now and then as

there aremany benefits to be gained by cleansing yourself spiritually.

The Importance of a Spiritual Cleansing

Human beings cleanse their physical body constantly. A clean human is primed for everything from working to

relationships. If someone is not clean, they don’t fit in with society correctly and they are not able to do any of the

things that their body was built for. It works perfectly well for your physical body, so why shouldn’t your spiritual

body get the same treatment? Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Spells.

Spiritual cleansing is the process of removing negative energies and thoughts from your body and spiritual path

by different methods. If you often feel out of sorts with the world but don’t know why then the spiritual cleansing spell can help you.

Sometimes you may feel that things in your life are just not ‘right’. Even though there may be nothing specifically

wrong that you can pinpoint. You may be feeling out of sorts but do not know why. Or maybe just that you are not

fitting into the general pattern of things. Again, there may be nothing specific that you can say is wrong in your life,


simply that things are out of balance.

Often these times, it is a case of your karma, aura, and spiritual well-being being out of balance. This may be because

there are negative energies either surrounding you or within you. They may be blocking the positive energies from

entering your body and soul which will help you to feel better and more at one with the world.

A spiritual cleansing works by releasing positive magical forces that will rebalance your spiritual energies and

eradicate negative forces from within your body and soul. Your karma, aura, and the spiritual path will be

rebalanced. All blockages within yourself that are preventing negative energy from being released from you, will be opened.

The cleansing will bring peace and harmony to your inner being. You will feel much more in tune with the world

around you, and be sure of your place within it.

Include the Cleansing rituals into your next ritual to ensure that your life becomes full of peace and harmony once

more and enjoy a true sense of well-being.

Different Ways Of Spiritual Cleansing

Some other rituals and exercises are used to spiritually cleanse yourself, some of which also involve a form of

meditation. Once on paper, you then meditate, deeply envisioning all the negativity that is in your life. Then you

envision everything negative catching fire or dissolving, turning into dust, and then the wind blowing it all away.

Some find it necessary (depending on your religion or magical tradition) to feel the need to say a prayer to one’s deity

while others will say a mantra. Once you have properly meditated on it and feel like the time is right, you will light

the list on fire, physically burning.

There is nothing like the power of nature to spiritually cleanse every crook and cranny of your psyche.   In almost all

cultures the power of sunshine, fresh air, and running water is a cure-all for most emotional problems and almost all

of the mental snares we can get into it.  There is a part of this ritual that asks you to wish others well as there is

nothing more purifying for the spirit.

If you have a problem with fate it is recommended that you take a walk in the woods to an isolated stream or body of

water. Make sure the sun is shining.

Spell to Attract Positive Energies

There is no shortage of positive or negative energies in the world and, although we are all capable of creating polar

energies in our own lives, we are continually influenced by the energies of those around us and the world as a whole.

By using the Spell to Attract Positive Energies, we can bring even more positive forces into our lives. These spells are

designed to eliminate all negative energies and emotions that currently exist in your life and replace them with

positive forces that will support and sustain a healthy, happy existence.

These positive forces will continue to repel negative energy and promote a more enjoyable, harmonious life.

Karma Cleansing Spells

Regret and guilt can plague your life like a chronic illness. Negative energies build walls around you, creating a life of

worry, resentment, hopelessness, and emotional poverty. My Karma Cleansing can wash away the negative energy in

your life and return a sense of hope, clarity, and happiness to your heart and soul. You will no longer dwell on past

failures or defeats and this spell will forever wash away debilitating guilt. Free yourself from the prison of negativity

and open your life to a world full of positive forces and unlimited potential.

My spells harness positive forces to wash away negative energy and remove blockages from both your spirit and soul.

Over time negative energy can block your spirit, leaving your life susceptible to destructive powers and unbalance.

Take control of your Karma with this spell and bring back the vibrant, passionate spirits and energies that you

deserve. Restore the balance of harmony in your life and open your soul to peace and prosperity. You deserve to be

happy throughout eternity and the Karma Cleansing Spell will help.

Aura Cleansing Spells

What is an Aura?

The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds each of us. It is important to keep it clean to prevent the effects of

negative energies. An Aura Cleansing is a spiritual form of cleansing that will repair and restore a damaged or clouded Aura. Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Spells

We are all born with a clean Aura. Throughout life, it can get dirty. The aura is a sum of all the energies that

impact us throughout life and influence our perception as well as our luck and mindset. It can also get damaged

through negative thinking, negative feelings, unhealthy foods that you feed your body but also through the negative

thoughts, feelings, and energies of other people that surround you. All these factors influence your energy field. An

Aura Cleansing can, therefore, lead to a happier and more positive life. Especially in conjunction with spelling work,

it is highly beneficial.

Purification Spells

Daily struggles and routines can leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Worry and stress build up over time,

creating the feeling of trudging through life with a heavy soul. The Purification Spell is designed to lift the weight off

your spirit and leave you feeling free and light. Relieve your conscience of its burden and cleanse your energies by

allowing the positive forces of this white magic spell to reawaken your senses to the beauty of life. It is designed as a

spiritual cleansing to renew your spirit and enliven your senses.

The magical forces of my spell wash your spirit of all the negative energy that accumulates over time. Rid yourself of

worry, guilt, resentment, and fear by using its energies to wash your soul. By allowing these positive forces into your

life you will feel a renewed sense of wonder and once again see the world for all its glory. Every day will feel fresh and

vibrant, allowing you to focus on the passionate existence for which you were born. Feel the power of the Purification

Spell and give your spirit new life.

Spells to remove a curse

Many practitioners believe that removing a curse is as easy as not choosing to have a belief in the curse. It is the

belief in your demise and the power of someone else’s wishes for you that is so damaging.

This is a very simple spell that not only works to remove any curses that may have been placed on you but also works

to break any type of hex or curse that you may have put on someone else. It involves the focus on your part and the

ability to abandon all fear. Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Spells

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