Spell to get rid of a love rival. In today’s world, it has and will always be survival of the fittest when it comes to anything. When you speak of

relationships and love. It’s no different from other aspects of life, people have always to do a lot to keep their relationship thriving.

You don’t have to forget another fact that the world is also so competitive like in a relationship, the more attractive one tends to win one’s heart. There are instances where you have been in a relationship with your partner

for a long time but there is another person who tries to take him/her away from you.

What would you do if it were you? Well, I would recommend a spell to get rid of a love rival. With affairs of the heart,

you always need something strong to gain control of your relationship and magical spells are the best way to achieve this.

For you who is here for the first time, I would love to assure you that, one who facing difficulties in life always has a choice. He/she can choose to get rid of them or endure and suffer.


Since we are exposed to a lot of things in this world, it is always difficult to remain secure when it comes to

relationships. A lot of times we get tempted to indulge in other affairs outside which at times makes us have conflicting feelings.

You might have a boyfriend or girlfriend going through this. Heartbreaking as it may feel, you don’t have to lose hope

in love. There is always one this you can do to guarantee the survival of your relationship. Cast spells to get rid of love

rivals and worrying about the fate of your love life would not be a factor anymore.

How to cast the spell Cut a small piece of paper and write the full name of the person you want to get rid of. Fold the

paper twice while visualizing the person going away forever. Put the paper inside the jar.

How do you get rid of bad luck in a spell?

Bad Luck Go Away! Make Bad Luck go away forever with this spell to banish and break all negative energy. Remove

bad luck with salt, a candle, and a simple prayer or Wiccan chant. Learn what is spiritual banishing and practice a

simple banishing exercise. Includes a collection of guided spells and meditations.

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