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White Witch Spells. White witch spells are spells intended for witches who prefer to not harm and to not exert any

magickal control over others. There’s not always a clear line between black and white magic spells, as you are always

making some kind of change in your circumstances with a spell.

White Magic

The history of magic goes back thousands of years ago and almost every culture has practiced magic in one form or
another, such as shamans, fortune tellers, and oracles. The Catholic Church never accepted the practice of magic,
condemning and oppressing it. The Inquisition persecuted people who were not Catholics, accusing them of making
“witchcraft” and punishing them for it. The Catholic Church promoted the belief that magic is something demonic
that can only serve to damage.

What is White Magic?|white witch spells for beginners|white witch spells free|free spells that work immediately|

White magic is a kind of practice that uses the energy of nature to achieve its purposes. The use of white magic

involves a positive and healthy purpose, it is not intended to cause harm, but to achieve good, positive goals.

White magic is historically linked to nature and to pagan fertility worship in which gods and goddesses are invoked

to promote a good harvest. Modern pagan religions, like the Wiccan practice, say that only white magic is acceptable.

White magic is often associated with stereotyped feminine concepts such as that of a mother goddess, the spirits of

nature, the unity with nature, and worship of the gods of nature.

White magic spells help empower us, connecting with our inner desires, such as finding love, getting a job,

earning money, protecting ourselves, and improving our health. These are the most frequent wishes of those who perform spells and rituals of magic.

Rituals of White Magic|white witch spells for love| Free spells and spell casting|white magic spells that work|

White magic rituals can use everyday objects, candles, coins, and allegorical elements to what you want to achieve. If it’s

a love spell ritual, you may use red candles, which symbolize passion. If you are asking for wealth, there may be coins

or rice involved, symbolizing prosperity.

The power of faith is immense, many people who perform rituals of white magic believe that they will succeed, and

that gives them the strength to achieve their goals.

Some spells of white magic serve to attract love or bind a person, But those who believe that a binding spell will

change the feelings of another person might be disappointed.

White magic does not seek to change anyone’s desire, against their will, since this can cause harm. No love spell will

change anyone’s feelings (thankfully), and there is no shortage of a spell for someone to love you.

If you want someone who does not feel the same for you, you will have to respect them, otherwise, there is no love. Do not obsess, you will see that when you least expect it you will receive the love you deserve without any magic.

Here are some short rituals and a step-by-step guide on how to do them.

Simple and effective white magic spells

If you want to attract love, do it this Friday night. Take a pink candle and focus on visualizing the true love that you

want to attract to your life. Put the oil of love on your fingers and soak the candle making very soft and sensual

movements. At the same time you will have to pronounce the following spell:

“Spirits of love, come to my aid, let me see and find true love, spirits of love, come and help me find someone who

caresses me as I do with this offering.

Then light the candle and think about the love of your dreams for 15 minutes. After this, turn off the candle. You

must repeat this spell of white magic of love for five days.

Spell to Attract Fortune

We start by placing four ammonia-filled cups in the four corners of the main room where your business is or at home

and placing a coin (which you will have to change each day) under each glass. You should leave it at night, but in the

morning you will have to pour some of the ammonia out of the four glasses into a water-scrubbing bucket. With that,

you will have to do a deep cleaning of the premises or the house, and with it, the spell will help you to attract the

wealth and money that you want. After nine days, you must repeat this same spell every Wednesday of the full or

waxing moon.

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