A Spell to Get over Someone ForeverA Spell to Get over Someone Forever

Magic to Get Over Someone Forever. Did you just go through a breakup? Even when the breakup is for the best of

both of you, it’s still necessary to nurse your broken heart. Take this opportunity to focus on self-care and creativity.

Nowadays, various ways can help you let go of impossible love as well as forget the old ties forever.

Why don’t you try out the spell to get over someone to erase all the moments of you hurting and suffering?

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If you can’t help thinking about him (or her) long after the separation, it’s probably time to move on. Or if you find

yourself attached to someone in a not healthy way for both of you, let’s figure out how to set them free. By casting the

modern-day witchcraft ritual, you can get over that person and start your new love life.

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Get over an Ex with an Emotional Unbinding

Get over an Ex with an Emotional Unbinding

The moment you decide to cast this hex, you’re ready for a new beginning.

Have you been hurt by someone you love? If the answer is yes, then take this as the opportunity to set him (or her) free and pamper your wounded heart with an easy ritual to get over someone.

Cast this emotional unbinding spell when you need to forget a past relationship completely after trying everything to save it. Perhaps the simple ritual to get over your ex is the therapy you need right now. Its magic power gives you the courage and empowerment to move on. Magic to Get Over Someone Forever

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#1: Spell to forget your ex

Materials you need include:

  • One picture of yourself
  • One white candle
  • One teaspoon of olive oil
  • One glass jar with water inside

The must-have ingredients are a white candle and a picture of yourself. Print it off your computer in case you don’t have one.

How to cast the ritual:

1. Light up the candle and place it on your altar. Magic to Get Over Someone Forever

2. Pour the olive oil into the glass jar of water and put it on the right side of the candle. You can rub a bit of oil on the candle at the beginning.

3. Hold the picture of yourself with both hands.

4. Say this chant out loud: “I release him who does not belong to me. So mote it be.”

5. Put a few drops of water onto your picture, rub it, continue holding it, and do the meditation in 15-30 minutes.

6. Lastly, place your picture under your pillow. The following morning, put it in your wallet or anywhere close to you so that the magic power can restrain you from thinking about your ex.

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How this ritual works:

This ritual uses the meditation method.

When meditating, both your mind and soul will accept and embrace your person of the present moment and whatever situation you might be stuck in. People often say that the best way to mend a broken heart is to let time heal it.

Don’t feel upset or stressed with all the thoughts and old memories. If they keep coming to you, then openly accept them. They were a part of who you are today, so watch them come and go without holding much onto them.

People tend to keep things to themselves when it comes to breaking up. Feel free to cry, get angry, and get frustrated. It’s completely okay to express your negative emotions but don’t let that toxic energy eat you up. This hex to forget him aims to empower you and offer you guidance from God.

The best time to cast this ritual is during the waning moon, around 3 days after the full moon happens. The connection and energy of these two lunar phases can prevent you from emotional burdens and ties, bringing you peace and motivation.

#2: Ritual to let someone go once and for all

Materials you need include:

  • One piece of paper
  • One black pen

How to cast the ritual

1. The first thing is to write the full name of the targeted person (whom you want to erase from your mind) on a piece of paper.

2. Next, fold the paper as many times as possible until it’s a small piece. While doing this, the key is to free your mind from all negative thoughts and ask your Higher Self to give you the will to let go of that person so that you can release them forever.

3. Say this chant out loud: “I believe this decision is the best for you and me, so I release you now and forever.”

4. Put the paper under the main door of your home for one day.

5. The following morning, you have to take the paper away from your house. For anyone practicing Hoodoo Magic, the best option is to leave it at a crossroads. You can bury it by the side of the road as well, or bury it somewhere in a garden or forest far from the place you live.

The act of burying the paper symbolizes the release and freedom for you and your ex-partner.

Why this hex works:

This hex is a powerful affirmation that can change your life most positively after the breakup. Using it with the right ritual acts you can easily manifest real changes from your inside.

Before carrying out the ritual, don’t forget to meditate for 15 minutes to keep your mind calm and relaxed. If you need to, write down any of the feelings that you experienced during the session in the journey. Good preparation helps you find out exactly what your pure intention is so that you can focus on that while casting the ritual.


Cast the ritual to get over someone in this article to forget your ex forever. Without harming him (or her) at all, the magic power of these spiritual rituals helps release his (or her) energy from your life. This means you will slowly stop thinking about them and start a new beginning. magic to Get over Someone Forever

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