A White Spell To Remove A CurseA White Spell To Remove A Curse

A White Hex To Remove A Curse. Any Person Can Be Cursed For Nothing. After That, He Has A Streak Of Ill Luck And Gets In Troubles All The Time. The Problems Pursue Not Only The Cursed Person But Also All The People Around Him (A Car Gets In A Road Accident, Planes, Trains, And Even Spaceships Crash, As Not One But Several Crew Members May Be Cursed).

To Remove A Curse, The Healer Should Make Two Figures Of Wax And Lamb Fat (Mixed In Equal Shares). The Figures Should Symbolize The Person. They Should Be The Size Of A Palm.

A White hex To Remove A Curse Is Most Effective If Performed On Thursday, During The Waning Moon. Preferably, From 8 P.M. To 9 P.M.

A White Hex To Remove A Curse

The Person Sits Down Facing The North. The  Caster Stands In Front Of Him Holding The Figures In His Hands And Saying, “Whoever Cursed This Man, Now I’m Holding Two Magical Figures In My Hands.”

Then He Crushes The Figures Saying, “Whoever Cursed This Person, Let You Be Crushed Too.”

After That, The Caster Takes These Figures To The Cemetery And Leaves Them There. By The Way, This Ritual Can Be Also Used To Punish The Person Who Infected You With This Disease (Like HIV). You May Not Know The Person Who Infected You.

How to Remove A Curse

The world consists of both bad and good things. A day never goes the same as the previous day. You are bound to face some bad things or some hurdles. This is very common. Some people seem to have bad luck since birth or face the hard luck of fate after a certain period. Why do such things happen? Despite putting in so much effort, we fail to generate good results for ourselves. Well, this is not very common, and there is something fishy about it. Many people face the hardship of luck due to some curse of devils or evils. Yes, whether you believe in this or not, such things happen. So, how to get rid of it? Wiccan has provided some simple customs and rituals to easily remove the curse from your life.

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