Abalozi initiation.Abalozi. are very rare they are the spirits of Umnono, strongly uses prayer, dreams and whistles for

healing. have these spirits you show different signs of Sangoma calling njengomuntu ongenwa idlozi. Abalozi imimoya.

engana izangoma noma umuntu onesiphiwo sokwelapha nakhona akusibo bonke abanawo lomoya or lesi siphiwo.

With this  type of a gift abalozi you see a lot of birds, you talk in whistles when your dlozi is up, you hear the sound of

izimpempe or izimfengwane, , you get visited by a white bird hence we sometimes call them unyoni omhlophe, u

hear a deep clear voice of your ancestor through your ear,not your thoughts this is real,izindlebe ziyavaleka.

Abalozi initiation |Ukuthwasela abalozi

Abalozi take time to mature, they are very powerful, they are known to reveal deeps secrets. As a person with abalozi spirits you need to be initiated for this type of healing, learn the whistles of your ancestors to have clear understanding of what they are saying.  Just like ukuthwasa for Isinguni, Abalozi also need a cow okhishwa ngawo

/wamukelwe ngawo ekhaya mase uphothula usuya ekhaya. Only a person with this gift can initiate you. If your

Abalozi spirits are powerful that may be the sign that unesiphiwo sokulapha using Umlozi  to read people’s

problems, Your ancestors direct you accordingly on where and when to get the right Gobela to do this,This is not

something you can rush just because you are experiencing hectic symptoms, they take time to mature. You can be a

sangoma ngokuphelele but lomoya ungaveli kuwe ngesikhathy usathwasa uvele sewaphuma ephehlweni, Than

kuye kumele uye uyowuthwasela ukuze uzokwazi ukusebenza ngawo. Most sangomas with Abalozi spirits do not go

through the initiation of Balozi due to finances and sometimes their abalozi spirits just need to be recognized

combined with other spirits, not that they want you to work using  this  power.

Isangoma – A person that has gone through Isinguni initiation, they use bones for divination and muti or herbs for healing

Umthandazi – Uses isithunywa, amanzi candles for healing. Basebenzisa umthandazo

Umfembi – Person with  Ndau  spirits and trained to heal using ukufemba, A person othwase isindawu ethwasiswa umuntu owawuthwasela lomoya and onawo lomoya

Abalozi – Uses whistles to communicate, they reveal deep secrets

Umhlahli – Tells you the name of the person who bewitched you or stole from you

Isanusi – They tell you what’s going to happen, where and when,very rare these days

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