Absolute Beauty Charm. Life has become so hectic and fast-paced, do you agree? We hardly spend any time taking

care of ourselves and our well-being. At Absolute Beauty, our main goal is to make you look and feel amazing. We

focus on everything from relaxation to beauty and skin therapies, designed to target and fix your skin concerns. Our

treatment rooms are spacious and treatment beds are cozy for winter.

Absolute Beauty is situated in the heart of Protea Heights, Brackenfell. The salon is managed and owned by Sonja

Vos. Sonja is supported by a professional team of experts including qualified hairstylists, nail technicians, and skin


All staff members strive to offer you only professional service and top-quality treatments. At Absolute Beauty we

focus on relaxation, rejuvenation, and well-being.

We offer you service excellence and quality treatments and we strive for perfection.

Feeling beautiful today is a challenge, and it’s not always easy to live in a modern world where we are always

pushed to look fabulous, perfect, and flawless. If you are looking for some magical ways to boost your confidence,

work on your beauty, and finally feel comfortable and at ease, with yourself, beauty is what you need to cast!

Beauty can help you change your perspective, feel prettier, and find the power and the confidence to rock

your world! In most cases, the definition of what is beautiful for us passes through thousands of conditions.

What we were told to be beautiful when we were little, advertising, art, fashion. It is difficult to recognize when

something is good for us, for our heart and soul, and when something satisfies a mental mechanism stuck in our


Why is it important to know how to recognize what is right and beautiful for us?

Simply because it is a sign of freedom, slaves of preconceived images almost feel guilty when we find something

beautiful that is unpleasant for the masses when we like something different, whether it’s people, objects, or situations.

The strongest, most empowered way to embrace this freedom is by acknowledging our beauty and letting it shine,

expressing ourselves in many different ways, starting from awareness and love towards ourselves.

This article was recently updated. I added new pictures and new ingredients that could replace the original ones (in case you can’t get them), and I also added an explanation.


Did You Know?

I was honored when I was recently asked by Court TV producers to consult on a case.

You can view the clip below. This case is a great example of why I do not cast any spells that have harmful

intentions. As a Professional caster, I work with clients from all over the world and it’s important to me to remain

grounded and stay ‘in the light’ so that I can help as many people as possible.

Casting your magic  takes skill and patience and isn’t recommended in most cases. I provide these “do it yourself” spells for educational purposes, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.

This way you know it’s being done by someone experienced and knowledgeable and I’m also always here to answer questions about your casting and provide follow-up at no additional charge.

Beauty & Confidence  Casting

Beauty & Confidence Spell castingBeauty & Confidence Casting is great for people who are feeling vulnerable, unattractive, and insecure.

What you can expect from me:

  • Private and personalized approach
  • Casting was done in less than 24h
  • Only the best ingredients & tools
  • Free consultations before & after  casting
  • Absolute Beauty charm

One of my client’s testimonials:


I have helped hundreds of clients over the years, and I’d love to work with you as well.

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What is Beauty?

Beauty is powerful, easy to perform a kind of magick to uplift your beauty, and most of all, help you increase your self-confidence, and help you feel better in your skin!

The rituals I’ll show you today are suitable for all – beginners and expert witches. You don’t need anything fancy to perform them. Absolute Beauty charm.

The main foundation of everything is your commitment and trust in the process.

What does beauty and attraction do?

These are related to beauty but are the most effective when it comes to your body image. It’s all about

self-positivity and self-esteem. And when you radiate the positive energy to people around you, you’ll see

how powerful the attraction will be. Absolute Beauty charm.

So they may not be able to meet your expectations fully.

You may wish desperately to have blue eyes instead of brown. That’s not how it works. Beauty will help you

boost your beauty while helping you keep in mind how unique and beautiful you are. Magick is all about self-

acceptance and, as I often say, magic is, most of all, a journey into the self, a journey to unveil your true self and

your dreams to create the life you’ve always wanted. With beauty, you will start working on yourself, a first

mandatory step to all the magic to come!

beauty spells in spellbook

Before we Start Casting

Often, when we cast we do it because we feel sad and negative about ourselves. All this must be left aside to

let them work truly. If you let these negative energies guide your practice, they most likely won’t

manifest, and you will feel even more frustrated.

Try to spend some time in recollection to calm down, unwind, and relax. Create a harmonious environment around you. Surround yourself with perfumes, plants, charms, and even music.

This will be your first step towards casting any of the below. Once you have created the perfect scenario, you can feel the inner peace and harmony it provokes in you, focusing on bringing this feeling even outside of this harmonious area.

You must know that the brain registers the sensations and all the suggestions combined with the sensations themselves, making you remember the times when you were in a peaceful state. Use some easy tools as a talisman to attract positivity back into your life when needed.

beauty spells preparation

You must know that the brain registers the sensations and all the suggestions that are combined with the sensations

themselves will make you remember the times when you were in a peaceful state.

A homemade perfume or a candle are perfect examples. You can always have them with you when you feel like you

were pushed aside because you weren’t the prettiest-looking woman (or a man) in the office or on the bus.

If this happens, take out the candle or perfume, smell them, breathe, and feel the confidence kicking in. Your aura will change immediately, and people will feel your positive energy, you’ll get attention immediately.

Now let’s finally take a look at powerful beauty that works fast!


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