Ancient chinese good luck charmsAncient chinese good luck charms

Ancient Chinese good luck charms. Yansheng Coins (traditional Chinese: simplified Chinese pinyin: yàn

shèng qián), commonly known as Chinese numismatic charms, refer to a collection of special decorative coins that

are mainly used for rituals such as fortune telling, Chinese superstitions, and Feng shui. They originated during

the Western Han Dynasty as a variant of the contemporary Ban Liang and Wu Zhu cash coins. Over the centuries

they evolved into their commodity, with many different shapes and sizes. Their use was revitalized during the

Republic of China era. Normally, these coins are privately funded and cast by a rich family for their ceremonies, although a few types of coins have been cast by various governments or religious orders over the centuries.

Chinese numismatic charms typically contain hidden symbolism and visual puns. Unlike cash coins which usually

only contain two or four Hanzi characters on one side, Chinese numismatic charms often contain more characters

and sometimes pictures on the same side.

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