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Attract New Love.With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the status of our relationships is amplified for those who are

reflection, like a boomerang hitting us hard in the head – and the heart. Love can be excruciatingly painful and can destroy us. It can

also allow us to reach higher heights and have the most intoxicating, joyous feeling and experience in the world. This is why the old

saying goes, “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Even as we navigate through days with our social lives on hold, there are still opportunities to connect and potentially meet our

person. There’s plenty of technology that allows you to search for a partner from the comfort of your home! Setting aside the logistics of dating apps for a moment (swipe left, swipe right), let us look at ways to leverage manifestation and the law of attraction in our favor.

First and foremost, in order to understand at a very basic level how the law of attraction works, we must remember humans are all

energetic beings – what we emit via our thoughts and emotions is how we manifest things in our lives, wanted or unwanted,

positive or negative. Your life up until this very moment is your manifestation, whether you consciously realize it or not. The law of

attraction is the basis of all creation and works every minute of every day.

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Knowing we are worthy of love and believing we deserve it is something many of us struggle with. This is what’s known as a limiting

belief, which is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. If we believe we deserve a healthy relationship, that will be our dominant

thought, which creates feelings of happiness and excitement. The universe’s language is vibration, not words.

Our thoughts and feelings are energy, which emits a signal into the universe – like attracts like. What you put out into the universe

will make its way back to you. Declare it as your truth and believe with every ounce of your being a wonderful relationship will show

up in your reality.

2. Maximize the moments as you drift off to sleep ! Relationships and the law of attraction

That twilight feeling right before we fall asleep is when our brain waves are in theta. This is when our subconscious mind is like a sponge and ready to absorb anything we tell it as truth. Our subconscious rules over 90% of our lives and cannot distinguish between imagination and reality, so rather than stressing over the day’s events or worrying about tomorrow, we can silently repeat affirmations. When we do this, we are feeding the subconscious what we desire for our lives.

Tip: Feel the emotions as if you already have the ideal partner in your life. Visualize that person in your imagination. The more specific the better:

What characteristics do they have?

What’s their personality like?

You can also try reciting the following affirmations:

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3. Practice gratitude and surrender.

Being grateful creates a feeling that is high-vibe. Remembering the universe only responds to how we feel can motivate us to

When we are grateful for the love in our lives that already exists, we feel good, and we attract more things that feel good. That is

the law of attraction at work – it’s science! The law of attraction is as real as the law of gravity. We don’t question gravity when we climb out of bed every morning; it just exists. Think of the law of attraction the same way, and life can be extraordinary.

Whenever we catch ourselves feeling low, frustrated, jealous, or having other similar feelings, we can acknowledge it and show ourselves compassion. Ruminating in low-vibe emotions too long and taking action from this place will only attract more unwanted things, experiences, and relationships. The power occurs when we observe these thoughts and know we have a choice. Allowing ourselves to find gratitude for little things will naturally bring us higher and higher, step by step, like a ladder.

Once you practice gratitude, it’s time to surrender. Giving yourself grace to go about your life when you put in the work allows you to disconnect from outcomes with peace. Your conscious mind is the goal setter – remember declaring you are worthy of a healthy relationship – and your subconscious mind is the goal getter. Trusting your subconscious mind and the universe are working in your favor can truly create miracles in your life.

Putting trust in the process ! Attract New Love

If all else fails, there is a Chinese legend called “The Red String of Fate.” According to the myth, the gods tie an invisible red string around the little finger of people who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other. It can get twisted and knotted, but it will never be broken.

Your person is searching for you in everyone they meet. Make that declaration, believe and trust, repeat the affirmations, and be in gratitude often. Staying in this high-vibe state as much as possible will guarantee loving, extraordinary experiences, even during a global pandemic!

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