Banishing Oils
Banishing Oils
Banishing Oils

When there is an individual around you that you don’t want for any reason, you always have two choices: either you live with it and

hope for the best, or you use effective banishing oils. If you asked for my opinion on which choice you should go with, I would say

banishing oils on any day. In this article, I want to discuss what banishing oils are used for and also introduce other ways by which you can banish a person you don’t want around you.

Do you sometimes feel as if you are carrying around negative energy? Then you need banishing oils to stop negative people from accessing your aura. Learn how to use rituals to make someone leave your man alone. Discover the power of other banishing herbs that can help you restore peace and serenity in your life

What are banishing oils?

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A banishing oil is associated with voodoo magic. It is a mixture that can assist you to get rid of people that are not good for you. If you are suffering from visitors that you don’t want, you can also banish them using these oils.

Let’s get something out of the way before we go too far; a banishing oil should never be confused with a jinxing oil. Just like banishing herbs, its role is to get rid of any negative energies that may be having an impact on your well-being. It is also effective in the removal of bad hexes, and curses. Use a banishing sigil to banish any unwanted angels within a certain range.

Banishing oils are made using different ingredients such as lemons, rue, angelica, basil, and wormwood. However, these are not the only ingredients you will find people from different areas add a lot of other stuff that they have discovered to be effective.

Why banish someone

So, why do we even need banishing oils? There are many reasons. The most important of these is that there are

dangerous people. For example, someone may be influencing your partner or spouse to do wrong things that put your relationship or marriage under strain. For this, you will need to keep someone away from someone else or to make someone leave your man alone.

Another example is someone who pretends to be a friend when they are an enemy. Someone may just be draining your energy by always complaining and telling boring stories. In such a case, you may need to make someone leave you alone.

Other ways of banishing unwanted energy

The real reason why we use banishing oils is not that we want to banish people as individuals; we want to banish the negative energy and harm they could potentially bring us. Apart from the use of banishing oils, you can also make use of herbs for banishing.

Where you decide to use a banishing ritual, I need you to be always careful. You would now already know that any

ritual depends on your ability to follow instructions as we give them to you. The majority of people I work with come back to tell me

that these rituals do not work only to indicate that they ignored some of the instructions because they simply did not make sense.

Whether they make sense or not, the instructions are included for a reason.

You can also use voodoo to get rid of someone. However, I also want you to approach this with care. These rituals are not there to curse a person or to jinx them. That brings with it the kind of negative energy you don’t want around you. Binding to stop someone from harming should also be used in the same way; you don’t want to abuse these spells because as we always say, Karma is always watching.

Methods of using banishing oils| How to use banishing oil | How to make banishing oil| Herbs for banishing and protection|Essential oils for banishing|

There are many ways you can employ when using banishing oils. A common one is the application of the oil to the

divination altar and tools. Some people also prefer to wear it on their bodies and use it as a binding  freezer wherever they go. This will revolt against negative people and situations wherever you go. I have also seen some who rub the oil on their doors, floors, and

furniture so that they can get rid of the negative spirits from the confines of their home.

Banishing oils can be used to cast away negative energy in the workplace too. Just like you would apply these oils in your home to get rid of negative energies, you can apply the oil on your desk and other tools you use at work.

Sometimes you may discover that the harm has already been done by the time you decide to act, this is when you can use a self-

 This Ritual will help you get rid of all the negative energy you keep accumulating as you meet different types of

people. It also helps to get rid of residual energies that get left behind when the wrong people keep coming to your house.

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