Blood Linking SpellBlood Linking Spell

Blood Linking Chant. Blood link was an arcane necromancy chant that allowed the caster to drain the life force from

their target on touch. It was used in conjunction with a permanency or permanency prayer in the creation of

magic items.

Take the pencil and write your and the other person’s name at the bottom(leave a space in between) then draw a line

that connects your names. Then prick or cut yourselves and put your blood on the line on the paper, mix the blood, and chant 3 times:

”Fesmatos,tribum,ementas asten,nas ex veras,mihan ega petous.

Blood Linking chant

A blood ritual is any ritual that involves the intentional release of blood.

A common blood ritual is the blood brother ritual, which started in ancient Europe and Asia. Two or more people,

typically male, intermingle their blood in some way[citation needed. This symbolically brings the participants together.

into one family. This can be an unsafe practice where blood-borne pathogens are concerned; the use of safe,

sterilized equipment such as a lancet can mitigate this problem.

Body piercing can also be part of a blood ritual. Though piercing does not always cause bleeding, it certainly can.

Piercing has been practiced in several indigenous cultures throughout the world, usually as a symbolic rite of

passage, a symbolic death and rebirth, an initiation, or for reasons of magical protection[citation needed].

Blood rituals often involve a symbolic death and rebirth, as literal bodily birth involves bleeding. Blood is typically

seen as very powerful, and sometimes as unclean.

of prayer, ritual magic, and casting to intensify the power of such activities. The Native American Sun Dance is

usually accompanied by blood sacrifice

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