Buyisa isthandwa

Buyisa isthandwa.isikhafulo esisheshayo,ukuphephetha umuntu wakho,isikhafulo sokubuyisa,

umxovo wokubuyisa indoda,umuthi wokubuyisa umuntu wakho,umuthi wokubuyisa indoda,isiwasho sokubuyisa indoda,Buyisa isthandwa.
buyisa isithandwa sakho umlotha wamandiya.Thando wozani uthole usizo nanku Makhosi afikile asuka enthabeni

nesikhafulo sothando esisheshayo sokubuyisa isithandwa sakho esakudala Umuthi wo Khiya inhliziyo yakhe achaange athande wena wedwa

1.Kungabe isthandwa sakho sikushiyile?

2.Udinga isikhafulo esinamandla ukuze abambelele kuwe akuthande ngokweqiniso??? woza ngikusize

4.Ngabe Ufuna isthandwa sakho sibheke wena wedwa?

5..Ufuna isthandwa sakho sithembeke, sikuthande sengathi uwena wedwa umuntu emhlabeni? sihlezi sicabanga wena njalo

Noma ngabe ufuna ukwenza umuntu wakho athande wena wedwa angabone munye muntu ngaphandle kwakho.

Isikhafulo esisheshayo|ukuphephetha umuntu wakho|isikhafulo sokubuyisa|
umxovo Wokubuyisa indoda|umuthi wokubuyisa umuntu wakho|umuthi wokubuyisa indoda|isiwasho sokubuyisa indoda|buyisa isithandwa sakho umlotha wamandiya|

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