Can anyone become a sangoma or inyanga?Can anyone become a sangoma or inyanga?

Can anyone become a sangoma or inyanga? Anyone can be a Sangoma. Technically anyone can be an Inyanga (men and women, though I’ve only seen men so far) but since it’s passed down through family the odds of a white person becoming one are slim. But even white people can become Sangomas.

The difference between Sangoma and Inyanga is that one uses healing from plants alone. The other can make medicine from both plants and animals. If it is your first time visiting make sure regardless of sangoma or inyanga, your problem can be solved. If your mission is to find the best sangoma then try out my services.

The candidate is initiated as a fully qualified sangoma during a two-day ceremony called “kuphotfulwa” that concludes their “iNtfwasa”, their training. There is also the “inyanga” (plural: tinyanga), who is mostly a herbalist and does not usually perform rituals that are common to the “sangoma”.

Isangomas are spiritual healers and are often women. They are people who diagnose illness. People often visit the sangoma in family groups but sometimes they go alone. The reason for this is that the sangoma does not see people as individuals but rather sees them as part of a community.

What is the difference between sangoma and Inyanga?! How do you become a sangoma?! What is an isAngoma?

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