Can I Use Holy Ash while on Periods

Can I Use Holy Ash while on Periods | Holy Ash | Holy Ash Powder | Eating Holy Ash. I enjoy helping people of all kinds whether children, individuals, or couples. I always give my clients time to listen and address all their issues and problems.

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Holy Ash commonly known as vhibuti has a lot of uses depending on the situation you are facing. You should pinch/pick the powder with your fingers. Then it should be applied

Can I Use Holy Ash while on Periods | Holy Ash and Teabag | How to use Isiwasho

Whereas Holy Ash might have many uses and names. The powder originated from India and it is made from several things for several reasons. Some people believe this powder has a way of shifting energies around your body leading to positive results.

By now it should not be a question. As to why most Indians prosper in love and business this powder

Can I Use Holy Ash while on Periods | Holy Ash and Teabag | How to use Isiwasho

Constant research into alternative medicine has enabled herbal products now be recommended in science as medicine. The reason is that every medicine is about mixing the right proportions to bring about desired results. Everyone using my products testifies that there is a huge difference in quality and results compared with other products on the market.

Can I Use Holy Ash while on Periods | Holy Ash and Teabag | How to use Isiwasho

I offer several services most of which are not listed on the internet but can be found out by calling or sending a message.

If it is your first time contacting a spiritual doctor or you plan to meet one feel free to let me guide you the right way.

While I can guarantee that my products and services will give you the same results. They will differ from person to person depending on how you use them or where you buy them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the use of Holy Ash?

It shifts positive energies from one place to another making your life attractive to good luck.

If applied properly you will start seeing money come to you at the right time.

  • How to use Holy Ash for Luck?

While most people apply it anyhow there is a proper way for those who want to see the results.

  • Does Holy Ash Work immediately?

The powder will start bringing some changes once you start to use and with time you will see improvement.

If you lack money then use the holy ash while working since your chances of having money will be higher.

Instructions for Use

There are special places to apply the powder to see the right results. Whereas most people just apply it as strips on the head. Believe me when I say there is a right way of doing something and that way has to have science behind it (isinyama).

There are 3 places or right ways of applying the powder and every part targets a certain result that you want to see. These points are believed to have high energy to bring about a particular result.

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Firstly you can apply the powder between the eyebrows. According to Hindu tradition, ajna chakra is about trying to open the subconscious or third eye. This is a link between the spirit and the external world.

Secondly, the powder is applied to the pit of the throat (Vishuddhi chakra). This will detoxify the negative energies from your body and mind.

Lastly, apply it on the pit of the ribcage in Hindu called Anahata chakra. This is the center of the heart. This will bring you a lot of healing and calming.

Uses of Holy ash

  1. Influences life around you ( uthandeke )
  2. Medium to transfer energy ( amabadi )
  3. Helps in yoga sessions
  4. Increases money in life
  5. Promotes love in the relationship

Why am I the best traditional doctor?

From a young age, I was chosen by the gods and set apart for spiritual work. Therefore the elders I grew up with made sure am trained in all kinds of ways to preserve the original ways and traditions of healing. Your only problem should be how to find me but once you do my work will make your problems disappear.

Can I Use Holy Ash while on Periods | How to use Isiwasho?

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