Many in the world were written down on papyrus paper and then were later copied for reference. Some of the spells were written to win women over. In this charm, you will see that there are three parts.

The first part is to get the woman to love you and the second part is to bury different items at the door of the woman’s house.

With the wild plant, the spell is talking about the aspartic, which is a Greek plant. This is a plant that has sticky blackness and would fit in the black color when that color is needed.

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The last part of the spell is to do some repetitive incantations that will bring the magic. Demons can be called on for their powers, but the problem is that they are evil.

You can call on the different names and offer them things such as amulets and let them build thrones around you.

These things can bring love and make you feel mad about who you want to be with. Never let the lady drink or eat or sit until she becomes like them and is madly in love with you.

It is questioned who this might be made for, and which women were the target of the Ritual. When you see that it says, “heartfelt madness,” do you want someone to love you like that? The charm doesn’t put names in, but it leaves a space where you can add your name.

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