Demon. is a malevolent supernatural entity. Historically, belief in demons, or stories about demons, occurs

in religionoccultismliteraturefictionmythology, and folklore; as well as in media such as comicsvideo

gamesmoviesanime, and television series.

Belief in demons probably goes back to the Paleolithic age, stemming from humanity’s fear of the unknown, the

strange and the horrific.[1] In Ancient Near Eastern religions and in the Abrahamic religions, including early

Judaism[2] and ancient-medieval Christian demonology, a demon is considered a harmful spiritual entity which may

cause demonic possession, calling for an exorcism. Large portions of Jewish demonology, a key influence

on Christianity and Islam, originated from a later form of Zoroastrianism, and was transferred to Judaism during

the Persian era.[3]

Note that demons may or may not also be considered to be devils: minions of The Devil. In many traditions,

demons are independent operators, with different demons causing different types of evils (destructive natural

phenomena, specific diseases, etc.). In religions featuring a principal Devil (e.g. Satan) locked in an eternal struggle

with God, demons are often also thought to be subordinates of the principal Devil. As lesser spirits doing the Devil’s

work, they have additional duties— causing humans to have sinful thoughts and tempting humans to commit sinful actions.


Who are the 12 demons?!What is the original meaning of demon?!Who is the first demon?Who are the demon gods?


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