Do obsession spells work?Do obsession spells work?
Do obsession Rituals work? A Charm to make someone obsessed with you is very powerful.  These are very powerful charm so please read the entire page and Hex before beginning. I’ve included free obsession spells that work fast, love Hex cause obsession, and obsession charm without ingredients.

My Rituals are created with positivity and purpose. While this may seem counter-intuitive on an obsession Ritual, we always have free will and an obsession Ritual can tip someone forward to falling in love with you fully.  They may need that push from the universe and these Rituals can help to make them obsessed with you as you are them. How do you charm obsession? With obsession Rituals!

While casting, focus on everything you love about the person. Think about their favorite activities and everything you love about the person. Positive loving thoughts about what they love and what you love to do together.  


obession spells

Obsession Hex

Make Them CRAZY in Love With You

Items Needed:

  • 2 Red Candles
  • 2 Red Roses
  • 1 Stone or Crystal of your choice (a stone you’re drawn to)
  • Thread

Place the 2 candles and roses on the corners of your space, creating a square.  Place the stone in the center of the square. Walk around the space to create the ritual circle and touch each element. You will light the candle after you touch it. These 4 corners invoke our four directions, (north, south, east, west). Sit in the center call the spirits and say the following:

“Spirits from here, spirits from there, spirits from all over, come to help, come into the mind of (name of the person you love) and let them think of me, make them obsess with me, every thought is about me.”  

Now take the tread and wrap it around your right pointer finger (this finger has a vein directly into your heart), while wrapping the thread think about your loved one. Say the following:

“Let your mind wrap around my fingers, let me enter your deepest thoughts, let me play with you, this is my will.  So mote it be.”

Thank the spirits. Allow the candles to burn, while they focus on your love. Once completed, bury the remains or put them somewhere away from your home. Do obsession Rituals work?  

Once they are obsessed, you can now cast a Free Love charm for a Specific Person

Obsession Love Charms Using Salt

Items Needed:

  • Salt
  • White paper
  • Alter

Write the person’s name on the piece of paper. Bury the salt and paper together where it can never be found.

Ready to bind that lover to you? Check out our Love Binding charms

Obsession Charms Without Ingredients

No items are needed with this charm except a piece of paper and a pen. Write down the person you love’s name on the paper. When writing down their name, focus on your love, imagine a magnet and they cannot resist the magnetism of your love. Fold the paper three times and each time you fold say the below. (You’ll say the below 3 times.)

“Come to me, my love, join me, our love must never die. Make me loveable to (name).  So Mote it be.”

Now take the paper and bury it where it cannot be found. If you prefer, you can burn the piece of paper and bury the ashes.

No Ingredients Obsession charm

You will need a piece of paper and a red pen. You will also request the help of Archangel Chamuel. Use this in combination with the Love Potion found on our Charmed page.

  1. Write the name of the desired person on the paper with your red pen. Fold the piece of paper up until it’s so small you can’t fold it anymore.
  2. Hold the paper in your right hand and repeat their name three times.
  3. Then recite, “Powerful Archangel Chamuel make (name of person) never stop thinking about me (your name).  Through this powerful prayer, only I (your name) is the only one in your thinking. To lie down thinking of me, to call me today and ask me to be with them forever.
  4. Put the piece of paper under your pillow and repeat the name of the loved one three times.

I wish you many blessings and successful outcomes. If you like these, please share!


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