Do you want to Change your destiny

Do you want to change your destiny? When you draw from the negative inner voice that constraint your mind,

miracles will come to your mind the same as it is coming to other people.

All your precious things are in your mind. It is your immaterial part that will give concrete form to an abstract concept responding favorably to any inclinations your mind wants.

There is one thing that is not conducted widely in public; it is not openly made known and not communicated

covertly; what makes some people as great as they are? These people can transmit thoughts and

feelings of their subconscious to make their minds free from any restraint. You will change your destiny when you

can do the same as they do.

The ultimate method for solving all problems is held sacred and located within the bounds of your inner voice. Whatever

it is you want to do say it to yourself. Your mind, subconscious, and body will respond.

All your content of cognition is a justification for things happening or existing in your life. In every situation you face,

good or bad, must have some previous reasons caused by.

All main things you are thinking about, are the principles tending towards a particular end. Your overall condition in

life is an artificial impression of the central meaning of everything.

Anything you use your mind for, are the events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something. Everything that happens to you is only an outward appearance of things happening backstage.

All your personal beliefs or judgments are an entity that produces an effect.

Any imagination or visualization gives rise to something. Any set of facts that surround you for sure have some validity.

Your subconscious needs to know what you are fond of. Whatever you want to carry out or practice perform or

design, you need to make this content of cognition known, and then pass on information about the main thing you

are thinking about by active inner voice talk. Give your inner voice full regards with affection and trust.

Do you want to change your destiny?

Let your inner voice be enjoyable and agreeable to whatever you want to be engaged in, you need to give this

personal view a meaning by expressing it through inner talks. Your inner voice will back you up.

Better than to prefer or wish to do something; if you want something to intentionally happen, you need to transfer this

to be quantity or a degree of worth by using your inner voice talk. Your inner voice will be fully acquainted with you.

Better than wanting to have something; you want to get something done and, therefore transmit your intentions and what you want to do through your inner voice. Your best associate who will hear you and provide assistance is your inner voice.

You are the pilot in charge of an airship, to get where you want to get, you need to connect a series of events or

actions for appropriate courses. Or if you wish the captain of your ship sailing in the ocean, to give the most

suitable course, you at least need to know the general line of orientation to have a direction for a particular purpose.

You as a pilot or as a captain need to give the right orders and instruction to your subconscious that will govern all

your experiences.

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able to achieve this”, ” It is impossible for me”. Your subconscious will take your words for granted. It will

comprehend that you do not the power and the ability to achieve what you want to achieve. If you want to establish

validity for something, it should always give the impression you are capable of doing things. Your positive inner voice

shall say ”Indeed, now I do not have the capacity to do these things, but I am working on that to be able to”, or ”I will

be able to do everything needed to be done so I achieve my goals in life…”

Change all your content of cognition to able to think differently and then to be able to change your destiny.

Expect, believe and suppose all that is good. When you think about good things, all desirable and positive qualities

will flow to you. If you are morally bad or think only bad things can occur, then all undesirable and negative qualities

will flow back to you.


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