Druid Spells

Druid Chants. The people from the ancient Celtic society were called Druids.  They were called scientists, poets,

and great and they loved to cast magic Chants.  Druidism is a way of life that brings magic and other elements of

traditions and philosophies. Casting is one of the things that the Druids would participate in and they did spells

that concentrated on the elements of fire, spirit, earth, air, and water and followed the Wicca ways.  One thing that the Druids focused on was the sun and the phases of the moon.

Protecting the earth was one of the jobs that the Druids felt that they were put on earth for.  The spells bring in

elements of the sun just like the Wiccan spells do.  Some energies are put into the world and there is a Rule

of Three that is given to different religious practices and they follow the golden rule and karma.

Druid Chants! What chants do druids use?! What hex can a Leve? druid have?! Is the druid chants modifier?!

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The attraction Rituals
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