How Do Diviners HealHow Do Diviners Heal

How Do Diviners Heal? The healer intercedes between the patient and the world of the dead to make restitution. This is generally performed through divination (throwing the bones or ancestral channeling), purification rituals, or animal sacrifice to appease the spirits through atonement.

Traditional healing refers to the health practices, approaches, knowledge, and beliefs that incorporate First Nations healing and wellness. These practices include using ceremonies, plant, animal, or mineral-based medicines, energetic therapies, and physical or hands-on techniques.

Isangomas and inyangas are the two main types of indigenous or traditional healers in South Africa. Isangomas are spiritual healers and are often women. They are people who diagnose illness. People often visit the sangoma in family groups but sometimes they go alone.

Traditional healers could serve as the source of primary care for many people, and with training, be the first stage of diagnosis for some diseases. While traditional healers did refer and find some new sleeping sickness cases, the case-finding results are not statistically significant.

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