How do I start a ritual?How do I start a ritual?

How do I start a ritual? Here is a sample of how a ritual might be run. All members are welcomed one at a time to the

altar area, and ritually blessed 2. Cast a circle|call the quarters 3. Meditation exercise 4. Calling upon the deities of

the tradition, offerings made 5. Rite to celebrate a Sabbat or Esbat 6. Additional healing or energy work as required.

Steps Decide which ritual you want to hold. There are various common Wiccan rituals, a lot of which can be found in

good books on Wicca. Plan. Consider numbers, and if more than one person will be present, plan in advance who

will be calling which quarters, who will be leading which parts of the ritual, and so on. Prepare the space.

Cleanse yourself by taking a bath or a shower and using some bath oils that you only use for if you’re doing a ritual.

Begin by grounding yourself. Find your inner peace, and become good and relaxed. Shut out all the things from your

mundane life that distract you. Gather anyone performing with you and cast your circle.

How do I run a ritual?! do I start a Wiccan ritual?! How do you cleanse before a ritual?! What should I focus on during the ritual?|

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