How to get Rid of MuthiHow to get Rid of Muthi

How to get Rid of Muthi. You begin to feel increasingly drowsy, and, unable to keep your eyes open, you drift to

sleep. Then, suddenly, you wake up gasping for breath. Most would chalk this up to a bad dream but, for some of

you, the legend of the tokoloshe would undoubtedly drift to the front of your mind.

According to legend, the only way to keep the Tokoloshe away at night is to put a few bricks beneath each leg of one’s bed.

Witches using Muthi are said to be able to cause every disease and misfortune under the sun. Healers claim to be

able to cure every disease (including AIDS, though many know better than to mention this to outsiders now) and to

remedy every misfortune ever suffered.

The spiritual belief is that one can sprinkle the Tokoloshe Salts around one’s home to keep away evil spirits. You can

add a bit of salt to your food and tame your “inner” Tokoloshe. Tokoloshe Salts are also used in Bathwater to relieve

body pains.

What are the signs of a tokoloshe?|How do I overcome tokoloshe?|Why do people use Muthi?|

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