How to win a girls heart

How to win a girls heart.Impressing a girl isn’t an easy thing to achieve sometimes. Some men find this to be a real challenge. But

with a little tuition and a large chunk of determination you can learn how to impress a girl and win her heart.

First of all if you want to impress a girl you need to realise if you haven’t already that women are very different to us. You need to

understand at least a little of what makes them tick. They are not impressed by fast driving or big cars.

They are not impressed by any kind of macho man antics leading to aggressive behaviour. Women like fluffy and nice, something we

don’t really understand.

So you need to understand fluffy and nice but still keep your manhood in tact.

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This of course is a challenge for most men. A good example is crying; women like to see a man cry because it shows they care and

have a softer side.

If a man cries because someone at work is giving him a hard time; that’s different and just means you’re a wimp and you lose their respect and this definitely will not impress a girl.

You do need to be strong or at least appear to be strong in character and moral fibre. In heterosexuals this all stems from nature and the fact that we are deep down looking for a mate, someone to bear children with.

So that we can produce the healthiest baby’s, nature makes sure we are attracted to strength, health and symmetry. Hence why illness is not attractive, even Cameron Diaz looks rough with the flu!

If you are attracted to someone chemical reactions take place in the body causing you to give off pheromones and she will do the same. Some people believe that because its nature there isn’t any way of controlling it or influencing it.

If that was true people wouldn’t fall in love with people that have saved them or people they have experienced a trauma with.

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People do grow into relationships so it is possible for us to influence nature and impress a girl sufficiently enough to make them fall in love with us.

What you need to do is use nature to impress a girl. You need to show strength, loyalty, sensitivity and respect in bucket loads. With strength I mean strength of character not macho muscular strength.

her. Always, always ask her opinion when deciding on anything you are going to do together.

Be courteous at all times and be polite to her friends, colleagues and family. Always offer to help when she is struggling with something but not otherwise. Too much pandering is a turn off for most modern women. Most modern women are proud of the fact that they are independent and have their own career or income.

Respect this fact and show them you are there if they need you but that you know they are more than capable of looking after themselves. If you can master these simple things, you can easily impress a girl and win her heart.

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