Initiation ceremony Xhosa

Initiation ceremony Xhosa. Ulwaluko is a Xhosa word that refers to an initiation ritual. The purpose is to transform boys into men.

is one of the rituals performed. The ritual aims to instill good moral and social values.

The ritual is traditionally intended as a teaching institution, to prepare young males for the responsibilities of

manhood. Therefore, initiates are called abakhwetha in isiXhosa: aba means a group, and kwetha means to learn.

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The ritual takes, Initiation ceremony Xhosa

place after a girl has had her first period. This ritual is symbolic of a girl’s sexual maturity and ability to conceive.

South Africa initiation schools suspended after circumcision deaths - BBC News

society. For instance, puberty rites mark the transition into a sexual world.

But for six months after initiation, as a symbol of their journey, Xhosa men swap their traditional clothing for formal

wear – typically tweed jackets, khaki trousers, and checked caps – all distinctly Western in their origins.

According to Xhosa tradition, a child should undergo iMbeleko – which involves slaughtering a goat by way of

introducing the child to the family and the ancestors – soon after they are born.

Speaking about the initiation of women, he explained that women go to initiation school to mark their transition into

womanhood. taught the law and how to behave as a woman.

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